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Sharpe, Graham - - 2011
Wiles, Siouxsie - - 2011
Gulley, Ann - - 2011
Dickens, Kristina - - 2011
Stanbrook-Mason, Wendy - - 2011
Symes, Heather - - 2011
Crawford, Ruth - - 2011
- - 2011
- - 2011
California, Rice Nutrient Management - - 2011
Stewart, William - - 2011
A plant-based regulated deficit irrigation (RDI) experiment in the northern Sacramento Valley determined that crop consumptive water use and irrigation could be reduced without significant detrimental effects on almond production. Tree stress was measured by recording midday stem water potential, a direct measure of tree water stress. With a water ...
Giles, Durham - - 2011
Spray applications of pesticides to orchards are a common cultural practice; however, they present environmental concerns due to emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), runoff that can allow pesticides to enter waterways, and spray drift onto nontarget areas. Advanced sprayer technology can address these concerns and improve application efficiency by ...
Linquist, Bruce - - 2011
Many California rice growers are now using foliar-active herbicides that require fields to be drained before application. Current regulations limit aerial herbicides and they must be applied by ground, requiring a soil surface dry enough to support application equipment. Our research showed that draining rice fields for a prolonged period ...
Grismer, Mark - - 2011
Over the past three decades, wineries in the western United States and sugarcane processing for ethanol in Central and South America have experienced problems related to the treatment and disposal of process wastewater. Both winery and sugarcane (molasses) wastewaters are characterized by large organic loadings that change seasonally and are ...
Lee, Hyunok - - 2011
The United States and South Korea negotiated a bilateral trade agreement in 2007. After final legislative approval, likely later this year, high tariffs on exports of most California agricultural products to South Korea will be gradually eliminated. Already, with the tariffs in place, South Korea ranks among the top six ...
Rilla, Ellen - - 2011
More than 2.4 million visitors participated in agritourism at California farms and ranches in 2008. They stayed at guest ranches in the foothills, picked peaches in the Sacramento Valley, played in corn mazes up and down the state, shopped at on-farm produce stands along the coast, held weddings in fields ...
Blair, Sheena - - 2011
Ahmed-Landeryou, Musharrat - - 2011
Labbett, Simon - - 2011
Neville, Diane - - 2011
Heywood, Frances - - 2011
Evidence about the effectiveness of housing adaptations is unsystematic, leaving large gaps in knowledge. The evidence that exists is not sufficiently compelling to attract substantial investment, and its weakness impedes evidence-based practice. In order to fill the gaps, a more systematic approach to adaptation research is needed. A housing adaptation ...
Blank, Alison - - 2011
Purpose: Much of the literature about the meaning and experience of work for people with mental health problems is limited in the extent to which individual perspectives are represented, because the evidence derives from studies that are mainly quantitative in design. This literature review focused on qualitative studies, which sought ...
Verdonck, Michele - - 2011
Introduction: Electronic assistive technology (EAT) includes computers, environmental control systems and information technology systems and is widely considered to be an important part of present-day life.
Morley, Mary - - 2011
Introduction: An action research study resulted in an observed practice programme to advance the reflective skills of occupational therapists and physiotherapists. Action research offered a way of drawing on practitioners' knowledge and experience.
Barry, Emily - - 2011
Introduction: The study examines whether directed study and reflection on spirituality can improve occupational therapy students' confidence in addressing clients' spiritual needs.
Gill, Jan - - 2011
Purpose: Within Scotland, health policy changes are being considered to address the misuse of alcohol. Concurrently, a shifting of professional roles within the National Health Service is under way. The purpose of the study was to investigate personal knowledge and attitudes relating to alcohol use/misuse amongst all final year Scottish ...
Meredith, Pamela - - 2011
Introduction: An attachment framework has been increasingly employed to inform our understanding of the ways in which early childhood relationships have an impact upon people's adaptation to the workplace. Evidence supports the presence of four attachment-related work orientations in adulthood (secure, cautious, support-seeking and self-reliant), which correspond to a secure ...
Potter, Polyxeni - - 2011
Murphy, Frederick - - 2011
- - 2011
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