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Saeed, Bahjat - - 2010
Problem statement: Pyridones are known to have variety of biological activities like antitumor, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antimalarial activities. This study presents antiviral evaluation of dihydropyridones derived from curcumin, as well as curcumin for comparison. Approach: The compounds evaluated for their in vitro antiviral activities against the viruses: HIV-1, Bovin viral ...
Schumann, J. - - 2010
Since their first description only some years ago Th17 cells have become of vital importance in immunological research. However, the role of TGF-[beta] in Th17 cell development is still a matter of controversial discussion. Predicted to have a key function in Th17 cell differentiation in the mouse TGF-[beta] was shown ...
Sujatha, M. - - 2010
Problem statement: Antibiotic susceptibility is still the best way for bacterial pathogen escape mechanism against immunity. Approach: In the present investigation, bacterial pathogens like Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Aeromonas hydrophila, Klebsiella and Pseudomonas aeruginosa were used to screen antibiotic susceptibility and immunomodulatory potential. Results: All the test pathogens were sensitive ...
- - 2010
Tran, C. - - 2010
AIM: To describe the pathways to care associated with acute dental infections in children. METHODS: Primary carers of children presenting with facial cellulitis completed a semi-structured interview that sought to establish their pathway to the emergency department and definitive treatment. Descriptive statistics were used to describe the patterns of healthcare ...
Schorer-Jensma, M.A. - - 2010
AIM: The aim of this study was to compare the care patterns of paediatric dentists and general dentists in the dental treatment of children in the Netherlands. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS: A case control study was completed based on the financial records of one of the largest Dutch health insurance ...
Yilmaz, Y. - - 2010
AIM: To evaluate fissure sealants based on Bis-GMA [Fissurit F (FF) and Fissurit FX (FFX)], compomer [Dyract Seal (DS)] and ormocer [Admira Seal (AS)] with respect to retention, marginal integrity and presence of caries after a 2-year period of follow-up. METHODS: 80 children aged 7-13 years (mean age: 9.4 [+ ...
Al-Jundi, S.H. - - 2010
AIM: This study evaluated dimensions of the dental arches of children affected with hypophosphataemic vitamin D resistant rickets (HVDRR), since no reports are available in the literature on the effect of this disease on the dental arches. STUDY DESIGN: comparative cross sectional. METHODS: The dimensions of the dental arches of ...
Lygidakis, N.A. - - 2010
BACKGROUND: The European Academy of Paediatric Dentistry (EAPD) has long recognised the necessity of promoting further research and knowledge regarding the dental defect described as molar-incisor-hypomineralisation (MIH). Following the establishment by EAPD of the defect diagnostic criteria in 2003, the publication of various papers and a whole issue assigned to ...
Lygidakis, N.A. - - 2010
AIM: This was to review the literature concerning the treatment of permanent teeth with molar-incisor hypomineralised enamel (MIH), comment about possible shortcomings and propose areas of future research. METHODS: A search of MedLine, Scopus, ResearchGate, Isis and Google Scholar databases was conducted using all terms relevant to the subject. Relevant ...
Jalevik, B. - - 2010
AIM: This was to review the literature published, to point out shortcomings and to suggest areas in need of improvement concerning the diagnosis and prevalence of MIH. METHODs: A broad search of the PubMed database was conducted. Relevant papers published in English were identified after a review of their titles, ...
Alaluusua, S. - - 2010
AIM: This was to review and assess the studies on aetiology of Molar-Incisor Hypomineralisation (MIH) or, as a proxy, of demarcated opacities in permanent first molars and to consider the potential factors involved with findings obtained in animal experiments. METHODS: A systematic search by Medline[R] online database was performed. Abstracts ...
Curzon, Martin - - 2010
Sihare, Harish - - 2010
Aim of the study & Material--Methods
Durante, Jaclyn - - 2010
Sims, Kevin - - 2010
Howell, Emily - - 2010
Hinton, Paul - - 2010
Objectives: To describe the extent to which chiropractors utilize standardized outcome and various clinical measures to systematically document patients' baseline health status and responses to treatment, with particular consideration being given towards quantifiable outcome instruments.
Miners, Andrew - - 2010
Objective: Heat illnesses contribute to significant morbidity and occasional mortality in athletic populations. Sunburn increases the risk of various skin carcinomas. This report provides an overview of the etiology, symptomatology, risk identification, prevention, and treatment for heat related illnesses and sunburn.
Hudes, Karen - - 2010
Objective: This case study was conducted to evaluate the treatment and management of a patient presenting with chronic foot pain, diagnosed as tarsal tunnel syndrome.
Green, Bart - - 2010
Non-radicular neck pain arising from local musculoskeletal structures, known as mechanical neck pain or somatic dysfunction, is highly prevalent in the fighter jet aviator population. The management of this problem includes both therapeutic and aeromedical decisions. In addition to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, waiver guides recommend therapeutic exercise and manipulative therapy ...
Halperin, Scott - - 2010
Azad, Ayla - - 2010
Vanti, Carla - - 2010
Objective--To evaluate the prevalence, determinants and risk factors for Low back pain (LBP) in club-level competitive adolescent gymnasts compared to the general adolescent population.
Fratocchi, Giancarlo - - 2010
Objective--To review the effectiveness of exercise therapy (ET) in patients with osteoarthritis (OA) of the hip.
Iura, Gemma - - 2010
Background--Chronic cough and sputum expectoration are key factors of COPD which have significant impact on the frequency and severity of acute exacerbations and quality of life. The role of bronchial clearance techniques in the management of COPD has yet to be defined.
Margonari, Silvia - - 2010
This article describes an example of differential diagnosis occurred in a public hospital to a patient suffering from lumbar spinal stenosis. At a first medical evaluation, the patient's signs and symptoms are ascribed to a bilateral tendinopathy of the Achilles tendon induced by Fluoroquinolone. After the first treatment (Tecar therapy, ...
Nord, Russell - - 2010
The acceptance and rates of hip arthroscopy are increasing in the United States and abroad and the literature describing it is expanding. Indications for hip arthroscopy include labral tears, loose bodies, femoroacetabular impingement, ruptured ligamentum teres, chondral injuries, adhesive capsulitis, instability, synovial disease, disorders of the iliopsoas tendon, external coxa ...
Sanders, Samuel - - 2010
Hip dislocations are uncommon injuries that result from high-energy mechanisms. These patients require careful trauma evaluation to rule out concomitant injuries. Early closed or open reduction that is performed within 6 hours and close radiological follow-up is recommended to obtain the best possible results. It is also essential to educate ...
Jarit, Gregg - - 2010
Meniscus injuries are one of the most commonly encountered problems by orthopaedic surgeons today. Surgical techniques for the treatment of meniscal tears are evolving. While many tears can only be treated with partial menisectomy, there are an increasing number of surgical techniques to repair or reconstruct the meniscus. Because of ...
Golant, Alexander - - 2010
The issue of athletic participation after hip and knee arthroplasty has become more relevant in recent years, with an increase in the number of young and active patients receiving joint replacements. This article reviews patient-, surgery-, implant-, and sports-related factors, and discusses currently available guidelines that should be considered by ...
Kaplan, Kevin - - 2010
Femoroacetabular impingement results from an abnormal contact between the femur and the pelvis. This abnormal contact leads to developmental changes in the femoral neck, labrum, and acetabulum. Secondary to the altered hip joint mechanics, chondral damage occurs and initiates the degenerative process, eventually leading to osteoarthritis. Numerous etiologies have been ...
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