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Wolyncewicz, Sue - - 2010
Komene, Queenie - - 2010
Walker, Leonie - - 2010
Tunnicliff, Nano - - 2010
Verkuylen, Marie - - 2010
- - 2010
Prause, Annemarie - - 2010
Jennings, Diane - - 2010
Golder, Jeanette - - 2010
O'Connor, Teresa - - 2010
Williams, Hilary - - 2010
De Souza, Lorraine - - 2010
Hackett, Janine - - 2010
Morley, Mary - - 2010
Professional doctorates in occupational therapy and physiotherapy in the United Kingdom offer a practice-based qualification equivalent in status to a PhD. Their aim is to develop professional practice and contribute to professional knowledge. Two doctorate journeys illustrate how applied research added both to each profession's knowledge base and to practice. ...
Meek, Charmaine - - 2010
PDOT (Parkinson's Disease Occupational Therapy) was a pilot randomised controlled trial investigating occupational therapy for people with Parkinson's disease (PD) exhibiting difficulties with activities of daily living (ADL). This article describes the process undertaken to design and record the intervention.
Jensen, Jan - - 2010
Robertson, Linda - - 2010
This paper examines the views of staff about the environments of two residential homes: one representative of a homely environment and the other more reminiscent of a hotel. A qualitative study using in-depth semi-structured interviews was conducted with a purposive sample of 21 staff. Emerging themes in the data from ...
Schoessow, Kimberly - - 2010
Older adults with low vision present unique challenges to occupational therapists because they are generally independent in self-care but limited in leisure, productivity and instrumental activities of daily living. This paper presents a review of the needs of older adults with low vision and proposes a model for occupational therapists.
White, Eleanor - - 2010
Purpose: The study aimed to elicit a description of GPS (global positioning system) tracking use in the care of people with dementia in domestic settings and to generate hypotheses about impact.
Bursell, Jennifer - - 2010
There is an increasing awareness that people with dementia should have their spiritual needs addressed. The aim of this study was to investigate health professionals' understanding of spirituality within dementia care and their perceptions of how patients' spiritual needs are met and by whom. A phenomenological approach was used, with ...
Adedeji, Rimi - - 2010
Patient positioning in theatre pertains to how a patient is transferred and positioned for a specific procedure. Patient safety is a central focus of care within the NHS and every healthcare practitioner must ensure that patients are protected from harm where possible. Mal-positioning of the patient has important implications in ...
Dheerendra, Sujay - - 2010
Total hip replacement is a commonly performed procedure with good results. The implants could be cemented or cementless, and there has been a resurgence of resurfacing procedures. It is important that special consideration is given to the choice of the material used at the bearing surfaces. There have been many ...
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