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Caldwell, Robert - - 2009
Ellis, Chris - - 2009
- - 2009
Szabo, Christopher - - 2009
Fuller, Colin - - 2009
Objective. To examine the epidemiology of match injuries in southern hemisphere professional rugby union and assess the impact of the International Rugby Board (IRB) Experimental Law Variations.
- - 2009
van Niekerk, J.P. de - - 2009
Draper, Catherine - - 2009
Qualitative research is featuring more frequently in health sciences research, a field in which the 'hard sciences' and statistics have traditionally dominated. For example, within the fields of exercise science and sports medicine, qualitative research methods are included to evaluate intervention programmes. These methods are also being used in studies ...
Pritchett, Robert - - 2009
Objective. To compare resistance bouts performed to failure at low (60% 1RM) and high (90% 1RM) workloads for acute rate of perceived exertion (RPE) (per exercise), session RPE (S-RPE) (30 min post), HR (per exercise) and total work (per session, and per exercise).
Christie, Candice - - 2009
Objectives. The aims of this study were to assess whether training status influenced maximal physiological and perceptual responses and whether certain maximal criteria were more sensitive for individuals with different levels of training.
Cook, Ian - - 2009
Objectives. We investigated the effect of monitor placement on the sources of variance and reliability of objectively measured free-living physical activity (PA).
Naidoo, Rowena - - 2009
Background. The opportunity for children to be physically active during school hours is rapidly decreasing in selected schools. This study evaluated the effects of a nutrition and physical activity (NAP) intervention incorporated within the school curriculum.
Bailey, Robert - - 2009
Objective. To determine the incidence, nature and severity of injuries among male soccer players in the first soccer team of the University of the Free State (UFS) in the Coca Cola League during the 2007/2008 season. Informed consent was obtained from the players and the study was approved by the ...
Schoeler, Lieselotte - - 2009
Monge, Claire - - 2009
Comparative analysis of the bioenergetic parameters of adult rat cardiomyocytes (CM) and HL-1 cells with very different structure but similar cardiac phenotype was carried out with the aim of revealing the importance of the cell structure for regulation of its energy fluxes. Confocal microscopic analysis showed very different mitochondrial arrangement ...
Tuncay, Erkan - - 2009
In heart disease, differences exist between women and men with respect to the impact of risk factors, symptoms, and therapeutic responses. The use of [beta]-adrenergic receptor blockers is now well established in the treatment of mild and moderate systolic heart failure. Although there are significant differences among agents, their clinical ...
Chandra, Surabhi - - 2009
Prolonged use of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) is associated with insulin resistance in HIV-1positive patients. Small animal models that recapitulate the long-term effects of HAART may facilitate the identification of therapeutic agents to suppress these side effects. We investigated the protective effects of black seed oil (BSO) from Nigella ...
Penumathsa, Suresh - - 2009
The inverse association between alcohol intake and coronary heart disease has been consistently reported in cross-culture, case-control, and cohort studies. Over the past couple of decades, however, many studies have explained promising health benefits associated with wine consumption. Some studies suggest that red wine is more cardioprotective than white wine, ...
Werdan, Karl - - 2009
In sepsis, systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS), and multiorgan dysfunction syndrome (MODS), a severe prognostically relevant cardiac autonomic dysfunction exists, as manifested by a strong attenuation of sympathetically and vagally mediated heart rate variability (HRV). The mechanisms underlying this attenuation are not limited to the nervous system. They also include ...
Slezak, Jan - - 2009
Comprehensive management of patients with chronic ischemic disease is a critically important component of clinical practice. Cardiac myocytes have the potential to adapt to limited flow conditions by adjusting contractile function, reducing metabolism, conserving resources, and preserving myocardial integrity to cope with an oxygen and (or) nutrition shortage. A prime ...
Shainberg, Asher - - 2009
Massive amounts of nucleotides are released during ischemia in the cardiovascular system. Although the effect of the purine nucleotide ATP has been intensively studied in myocardial infarction, the cardioprotective role of the pyrimidine nucleotide UTP is still unclear, especially in the cardiovascular system. The purpose of our study was to ...
Tkachuk, Vsevolod - - 2009
A wide variety of disorders are associated with an imbalance in the plasminogen activator system, including inflammatory diseases, atherosclerosis, intimal hyperplasia, the response mechanism to vascular injury, and restenosis. Urokinase-type plasminogen activator (uPA) is a multifunctional protein that in addition to its fibrinolytic and matrix degradation capabilities also affects growth ...
Agarwal, S.S. - - 2009
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