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Garcia, Coralith - - 2012
Ellis, Harold - - 2012
Long before being aware of tumours elsewhere along the alimentary canal, surgeons from the earliest days of the profession were all too familiar with cancer of the rectum. The vivid local symptoms of rectal bleeding and mucous discharge, bowel disturbance and then intractable local pain, and the ready detection of ...
Smart, Alexander - - 2012
Joseph Lister is often seen as a hero of surgery, but his famous method of antisepsis was not solely his work alone. The commonly told account of the development of antisepsis displays several characteristics of whig history. This investigation will highlight these whiggish features, showing that Lister's original antiseptic technique ...
Scowcroft, Tammy - - 2012
This paper presents a critical analysis of studies regarding the effectiveness of preoperative skin preparation solutions. The aim was to allow evidence based practice at a local level.
Marsh, Steph - - 2012
Surgical smoke is a regular hazard that the majority of perioperative personnel are exposed to. Many staff are unaware of the risks of surgical smoke and many more may take it for granted that a surgical facemask provides enough protection. This article provides detail on the composition of surgical smoke ...
Knaepel, Abigail - - 2012
Up to 70% of surgical patients develop hypothermia perioperatively. Inadvertent hypothermia can be caused by a cold operating theatre, anaesthetic effects, exposure to the environment and administration of cold intravenous or irrigation fluids. The adverse effects of unplanned hypothermia include increased blood loss, morbid cardiac events, impaired wound healing and ...
Wilson, Rachel - - 2012
There are a number of desirable healthcare practices, such as the requirement for consent and confidentiality, and a respect for the patient, that are ethically sound and legally required (Staunton & Chiarella 2008). The purpose of the law is to provide a deterrent to malpractice, and compensation when things go ...
- - 2012
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