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Karim, Reef - - 2012
The legitimacy of nonsubstance addictions has received increased attention from clinicians, researchers and the general population as more and more individuals report symptoms consistent with impairment of impulse control. The clinical presentation of these disorders is varied, as compulsive activities may include: gambling, eating, sex, shopping, use of the Internet ...
Lookatch, Samantha - - 2012
College students across the U.S. engage in nonmedical use of prescription stimulants (NMUPS) at increasing rates. While it has been found that use is frequently motivated by a belief that stimulants will act as a study aid, little is known about predictors of NMUPS. The present study addressed impulsivity, outcome ...
Brown, Martha - - 2012
Prescription drug abuse is increasing at alarming rates in this country. Most often drugs are obtained through relatives or friends. An important step in addressing this problem is educating healthcare providers in the proper prescribing of scheduled drugs. Physicians and other healthcare workers receive little training in proper screening for ...
Smith, David - - 2012
Addiction is a primary, chronic disease involving brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry; it can lead to relapse, progressive development, and the potential for fatality if not treated. While pathological use of alcohol and, more recently, psychoactive substances have been accepted as addictive diseases, developing brain science has set ...
Denegar, Craig - - 2012
The examination and assessment of injured and ill patients leads to the establishment of a diagnosis. However, the tests and procedures used in health care, including procedures performed by certified athletic trainers, are individually and collectively imperfect in confirming or ruling out a condition of concern. Thus, research into the ...
Kahanov, Leamor - - 2012
Objective: To describe a case of exertional rhabdomyolysis in a collegiate American football player after preventive coldwater immersion.
Poussel, Mathias - - 2012
Objective: To emphasize the potentially harmful effects of high-intensity exercise on cardiac health and the fine line between physiologic and pathologic adaptation to chronic exercise in the elite athlete. This case also highlights the crucial need for regular evaluation of symptoms that suggest cardiac abnormality in athletes.
McLeod, Tamara C. - - 2012
Reference/Citation: Alla S, Sullivan SJ, Hale L, McCrory P. Self-report scales/checklists for the measurement of concussion symptoms: a systematic review. Br J Sports Med. 2009;43 (suppl 1):i3-i12.
Henning, Jolene - - 2012
Context: Peer-assisted learning (PAL) has been recommended as an educational strategy to improve students' skill acquisition and supplement the role of the clinical instructor (CI). How frequently students actually engage in PAL in different settings is unknown.
Torres-McGehee, Toni - - 2012
Context: Coaches, athletic trainers (ATs), strength and conditioning specialists (SCSs), and registered dietitians are common nutrition resources for athletes, but coaches, ATs, and SCSs might offer only limited nutrition information. Little research exists about sports nutrition knowledge and current available resources for nutrition information for athletes, coaches, ATs, and SCSs.
Yang, Jingzhen - - 2012
Context: Although overuse injuries are gaining attention, epidemiologic studies on overuse injuries in male and female collegiate athletes are lacking.
Brito, Joao - - 2012
Context: Epidemiologic information on the incidence of youth soccer injuries in southern Europe is limited.
Iguchi, Masaki - - 2012
Context: Conditions such as osteoarthritis, obesity, and spinal cord injury limit the ability of patients to exercise, preventing them from experiencing many well-documented physiologic stressors. Recent evidence indicates that some of these stressors might derive from exercise-induced body temperature increases.
Larkin, Kelly - - 2012
Context: Laser therapy is purported to improve blood flow in soft tissues. Modulating circulation would promote healing by controlling postinjury ischemia, hypoxia, edema, and secondary tissue damage. However, no studies have quantified these responses to laser therapy.
Jutte, Lisa - - 2012
Context: Researchers have observed slower cooling rates in thigh muscle with greater overlying adipose tissue, suggesting that cryotherapy duration should be based on the adipose thickness of the treatment site. Skinfold data do not exist for other common cryotherapy sites, and no one has reported how those skinfolds might vary ...
Shultz, Sandra - - 2012
Context: A single measure of knee laxity (ie, measurement of laxity in a single plane of motion) is probably inadequate to fully describe how knee joint laxity is associated with anterior cruciate ligament injury.
Tate, Angela - - 2012
Context: The prevalence of shoulder pain among competitive swimmers is high, but no guidelines exist to reduce shoulder injuries. Elucidating differences between swimmers with and without shoulder pain can serve as a basis for the development of a program to prevent shoulder injury that might lead to pain and dysfunction.
Ericksen, Hayley - - 2012
Context: Hormonal fluctuation as a risk factor in anterior cruciate ligament injury has been investigated with conflicting results. However, the influence of hormone fluctuations on ankle laxity and function has not been thoroughly examined.
Wikstrom, Erik - - 2012
Context: Differences in various outcome measures have been identified between people who have sprained their ankles but have no residual symptoms (copers) and people with chronic ankle instability (CAI). However, the diagnostic utility of the reported outcome measures has rarely been determined. Identifying outcome measures capable of predicting who is ...
Hamlyn, Chris - - 2012
Context: Most protocols established to treat patients with functional ankle instability (FAI) have focused on taping the ankle. Orthotic intervention is a different treatment protocol that may have a positive effect on these patients, especially after an accommodation period.
Guilhem, Gael - - 2012
Context: Resistance exercise training commonly is performed against a constant external load (isotonic) or at a constant velocity (isokinetic). Researchers comparing the effectiveness of isotonic and isokinetic resistance-training protocols need to equalize the mechanical stimulus (work and velocity) applied.
Bliss, Rosalie - - 2012
Bliss, Rosalie - - 2012
Celkan, Tiraje - - 2012
Immun trombositopenik purpura (ITP) en sik cocukluk caginda gorulen kanama nedenidir. Trombositler etkilestikleri antikorlara bagli olarak immunolojik yikima ugrar ve bunu dengelemesi gereken kemik iligi yetersiz kaldiginda, cevre kaninda trombosit sayisi azalir. Klinikte uc sekilde karsimiza cikar: akut ya da yeni tani, kronik ve israrci ITP Akut formu birkac gunle ...
Soker, Sevda - - 2012
Ektodermal displazi ektodermal kokenli doku ve organlari etkileyen bir belirtiler grubudur. Bu calismada ektodermal displazili olgularda konjonktiva etkilenmesini arastirmak amaciyla girisimsel olmayan bir yontem olan basi sitolojisi teknigi kullanilmistir. Dicle Universitesi Tip Fakultesi Goz Hastaliklari ve Protetik Dis Sagligi ve Hastaliklari Bilim Dallarinda takipte olan ektodermal displazili uc hastanin alti ...
Arica, Vefik - - 2012
Ada cayi olarak bilinen salvia officinalis bitkisi cesitli klinik durumlarda halk tarafindan kullanilmakta olup ozellikle aktarlar tarafindan temin edilmektedir. Salvia officinalis adli ada cayinin diuretik, antienflamatuar, antimikrobiyal, antiseptik, ekspektoran, spazmolitik ve terlemeyi arttirici olarak kullanimi bilinmektedir. Bu olgumuzda, iki aylik bir bebekte aktar tarafindan deriye surulerek kullanilmasi icin hazirlanan, ancak ...
Ekici, Baris - - 2012
Yuz felci soguga maruz kalma, enfeksiyon ve psikojenik nedenlerle iliskilendirilmis nadir bir durumdur. Burada yuz felciyle basvuran 14 yasindaki erkek hasta ve yuklu aile oykusu sunulmustur. Yuz felci olgularinin kumelendigi aileler nadiren bildirilmistir. Ailevi yuz felcinde hastaligin tekrarlama olasiligi artmistir. Tedavide nadir yuz felci olgularindaki yaklasim benimsenmelidir. (Turk Ped Ars ...
Butun, Celal - - 2012
Yildirim carpmasi, cevresel afetlerin olume yol actigi nedenlerden biridir. Yildirim carpmasina bagli olumler Sivas ilinde az da olsa gorulmektedir. Bu calismada; olume yol acan Yildirim carpmasi olgularinin cok az bir kisminda gorulebilecek, kisilerin kiyafetlerinde ve otopsideki Yildirim carpmasina ozgu bulgularin adli-tibbi yonden degerlendirilmesi amaclanmistir. Ciftlikte yasayan bes yasindaki erkek cocugu, ...
Parlakay, Aslinur - - 2012
Kazanilmis immun yetersizlik virusu (HIV), 1981 yilinda salginin baslamasindan bu yana tum dunya genelinde yaklasik olarak 60 milyon kisiyi enfekte etmis, 25 milyon kisinin olumune neden olmustur. Yaklasik olarak 430000 (240000-610000) cocuk 2008 yilinda, HIV'li olarak dogmus ve dolayisiyla 15 yasin altindaki HIV ile enfekte cocuk sayisi 2,1 milyona (1,2-2,9 ...
Saltik, Sema - - 2012
Amac: Bu calismada, cocukluk caginin selim akut miyoziti tanisinda onemli yeri olan olcutleri gozden gecirmek amaciyla 15 cocukluk cagi selim akut miyoziti olgusuna ait klinik ve laboratuvar bulgulari verilmistir.
Ekici, Arzu - - 2012
Amac: Bu calismanin amaci Eskisehir Osmangazi Universitesi Cocuk Norolojisi Bilim Dali'nda Lennox-Gastaut sendromu tanisi ile izlenen 20 hastanin klinik ozellikleri, tedavi ve seyrinin geriye donuk olarak degerlendirilmesidir.
Arslankoylu, Ali - - 2012
Amac: Cocukluk caginda gorulen hastalik ve olumlerin onemli kismi onlenebilir kazalar nedeniyle olusmaktadir. Bu calismada Cocuk Yogun Bakim Birimi'ne onlenebilir kazalar nedeniyle yatan hastalarin geriye donuk incelenmesi amaclanmistir.
Patiroglu, Turkan - - 2012
Amac: Ataksi telanjiektazi nadir gorulen otozomal cekinik gecisli norodejeneratif bir hastaliktir. Bu geriye donuk calismada ataksi telanjiektazili hastalarda saptanan immunolojik anormallikler ve izlemde gozlenen ikincil hastaliklari belirlemek amaclanmistir.
Demir, Turkay - - 2012
Amac: Bu calismada enkoprezisi olan cocuklarda gorulen davranissal sorunlarin, bu cocuklarin annelerinin kaygi duzeylerinin ve ailelerindeki evlilik sorunlarinin arastirilmasi amaclanmistir.
Gulec, Seda - - 2012
Amac: Otoimmun hepatit tanili olgularimizin klinik ve laboratuvar verilerini, tedavi sonuclarini ve tedavi yan etkilerini irdelemeyi amacladik.
Ozalkaya, Elif - - 2012
Amac: Polisitemik zamaninda dogmus ve gec prematur hastalarda kismi kan degisiminin kisa donem etkilerini degerlendirmektir.
Atici, Aytug - - 2012
Amac: Bu calismada son uc yilda yuksek hizda titresimli ventilasyon (High-Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation, HFOV) uygulanan bebeklerde HFOV uygulamasinin nedenlerinin, uygulama sirasinda karsilasilan sorunlarin ve HFOV'nin etkinliginin degerlendirilmesi amaclandi.
Cokugras, Fugen - - 2012
Yenidogan ve sut cocuklugu doneminde kolestatik karaciger hastaliklarinda buna neden olabilecek hastaligin ortaya koyulmasi onemlidir. Kolestaz, direkt bilirubinin total bilirubin miktarinin %20'sinden fazla olmasidir. Ozellikle safra yollari atrezisi, tirozinemi, galaktozemi gibi hastaliklarda erken tani, ileriye donuk kalici hasarlarin onlenmesi ve erken tedaviden fayda gorulmesi acisindan onemlidir. Dolayisi ile iki haftayi ...
Kumral, Emre - - 2012
Cerebral involvement of toxoplasmosis is an unusual presentation in non-immunocompromised individuals, and the diagnosis may be challenging due to insignificant radiological findings. We present a case of severe toxoplasma encephalitis in an immunocompetent individual mimicking clinical picture of vertebrobasilar ischemia at onset. The highest diagnostic yield was the detection of ...
Bhattacharjee, Shakya - - 2012
A 48-yr-old female presented with headache and an illusory sensation of spinning of head in respect to environment for last 8 weeks. Her head spinning or vertigo had no particular direction or not precipitated by any specific head posture. Headache is non- specific in nature and intensified in last few ...
Mihci, Ebru - - 2012
Noonan syndrome is an autosomal dominant genetic disease characterized by short stature, webbed neck, typical facial appearance and congenital heart disease. Here we report a 24-yr-old woman patient with the diagnosis of Noonan syndrome who was admitted to our clinic with ischemic stroke caused by atrial fibrillation secondary to hypertrophic ...
Koc, Emine - - 2012
Sjogren's syndrome is a relatively common autoimmune disorder, affecting 2-3% of the adult population. It is characterized by lymphocytic infiltration and destruction of the exocrine glands. Neurological involvement occurs in approximately 20% of patients with primary Sjogren's syndrome. Affected central nervous system may show similar clinical and radiological findings as ...
Coban, Arzu - - 2012
The primary stabbing headache is a syndrome characterized by ultrashort attacks confined to the head, exclusively or predominantly felt in the distribution of the first division of trigeminal nerve. The indomethacin is the drug of first choice for treatment due to headache is good response. In this article, a 25-year-old ...
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