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Groth, Miles - - 2011
White, Stephanie - - 2011
In the mostly female dominated profession of teaching, this pilot project investigates how a group of males who are both fathers and teachers perceive their experiences as they navigate these dual roles. This qualitative study invited men who were teaching in early childhood, primary and secondary settings in New Zealand, ...
Weber, Gordon - - 2011
This qualitative research explored the impetus, implementation, and barriers to the creation of a men's studies program in a rural Canadian school district. Student engagement in several countries and continents has drawn significant academic attention over the last decade and statistical evidence of lack of engagement, poor attendance, inappropriate behaviour, ...
Johnson, Shaun - - 2011
This article considers the following questions: How does good teaching build a knowledge of gender identity into its practice? How do we begin the slow process of creating a different ethos regarding masculinity? What are the mechanisms through which a new pedagogy of masculinity can operate? As two scholars teaching ...
Gosse, Douglas - - 2011
There is a perceived shortage of males in education provincially and nationally in Canada, particularly at the elementary level. My theoretical framework derives from queer theory, questioning the fluidity of discourse and identities, and troubling accepted, commonplace beliefs, knowledge, and practices. To this end, I interpret data from an online ...
Weaver-Hightower, Marcus - - 2011
Driven largely by concerns over boys' education, countries worldwide have seen crisis discourses over small numbers of male teachers, particularly those teaching young children. Despite public desires and policy movements to increase their numbers, important barriers and challenges remain for male teachers. Preservice teachers' experiences, especially, might illuminate challenges to ...
Davison, Kevin - - 2011
This article points to the complex context of what often is seen as both unproblematic and problematic simultaneously--men and teaching. In addition to brief words on the articles included in this special issue of JMS, the Guest Editors reflect on the contradictions, tensions, strategies and experiences of men who teach. ...
McAdams, James - - 2011
Hixson, Ronald - - 2011
Sajid, Ayesha - - 2011
Eliot, Eve - - 2011
Agarwal, Shashi - - 2011
Reidenberg, Daniel - - 2011
Johnson, Laura - - 2011
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