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Douglas, Bettina - - 2011
Objectives: To develop recommendations for the clinical education required to prepare Australian Nurse Practitioner candidates for advanced and extended practice in nephrology settings.
Bennett, Paul - - 2011
Kihs, Linda - - 2011
Lane, Ronda - - 2011
Lane, Ronda - - 2011
Becker, Shari - - 2011
Crider, Jeff - - 2011
Trota, Michi - - 2011
- - 2011
Mulligan, Hilda - - 2011
It is now well-known that physical activity is important to prevent or address 'lifestyle' conditions. Encouraging all individuals in our population to achieve better health via improved levels of physical activity was one of the 2008- 2011 health priorities for New Zealand. Nearly one in five people in New Zealand ...
Taylor, Lee-Anne - - 2011
The aims of this pilot study were to: (a) investigate the outcomes of a six week, physiotherapist prescribed and supervised, Clinical Pilates intervention in a sample of New Zealanders complaining of non-specific chronic low back pain; (b) measure the longer term outcomes (six and 26 weeks after treatment completion) and ...
Dunford, Fiona - - 2011
This study explored the perceptions of physiotherapists with different levels of context related experience undertaking emergency on-call duties in New Zealand (NZ). A purpose-designed questionnaire was developed to investigate whether differences existed between novice and expert physiotherapists in their perceptions of emergency on-call duties and in their responses to an ...
Hing, Wayne - - 2011
Current guidelines advocate the use of R.I.C.E., the acronym for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation, for patient self-management of soft tissue injury. The purpose of this study was to investigate the efficacy of R.I.C.E. applied as part of patient self-management compared (R.I.C.E.) to R.I.C.E. incorporated with multimodal physiotherapy management (Physiotherapy). ...
Reid, Duncan - - 2011
The purpose of this study was to compare the effects of a six week stretching programme on knee extension range of motion (ROM), passive resistive torque and stiffness in older adults with and without osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee. A randomized controlled trial design was utilised. Twenty two females and ...
Taylor, Renee - - 2011
We examined the psychometric characteristics of the Occupational Self Assessment (OSA), which measures clients' perceptions of their own competence and the value they assign to occupations. Two hundred ninety-six adolescents with acute mononucleosis completed the OSA, the Fatigue Scale, the Checklist of Infectious Symptoms, the Child Health Questionnaire, and the ...
Anderson, Kristin - - 2011
The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) has challenged occupational therapy practitioners to advance the profession so that we may become more "powerful" and "widely recognized" by the year 2017 (AOTA, 2007a). To fully achieve this vision, this article argues that the profession should encourage occupational therapy entrepreneurship. As Herz, Bondoc, ...
Yuen, Hon - - 2011
OBJECTIVE. Our purpose in this study was to examine the preclinical curricular content pertaining to driving evaluation and rehabilitation (DE/R) included in professional entry-level occupational therapy programs.
Clayton, Hilary - - 2011
We compared anteroposterior and mediolateral range of motion and velocity of the center of pressure (COP) on the horse's back between riders without disabilities and riders with cerebral palsy. An electronic pressure mat was used to track COP movements beneath the saddle in 4 riders without disabilities and 4 riders ...
Little, Lauren - - 2011
INTRODUCTION. We evaluated the psychometric properties of the Sensory Experiences Questionnaire (Version 1; Baranek, David, Poe, Stone, & Watson 2006), a brief caregiver questionnaire for young children with autism and developmental delays used to identify sensory processing patterns in the context of daily activities.
Murphy, Susan - - 2011
The American Occupational Therapy Association's Centennial Vision articulates the strategic goals for the profession to be science driven and evidence based in major practice areas. In the practice area of productive aging, a previous review of research published in the American Journal of Occupational Therapy (AJOT) found mostly basic research ...
Tomlin, George - - 2011
In the campaign to implement evidence-based practice, the current single-hierarchy model of levels of evidence falls to incorporate at parity all types of research evidence that are valuable in the practice of occupational therapy. A new model, originally developed by Borgetto et al. (2007) and modified and expanded, is presented. ...
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