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Handy, Jocelyn - - 2010
This article discusses the impact of long-term shiftwork on the families of male shiftworkers at a New Zealand petrochemical company. The findings are based primarily on interviews with twenty-seven shiftworkers and seventeen female partners, supplemented by informal observations of the organisation. All respondents described shiftwork as having a profound influence ...
Houkamau, Carla - - 2010
A Multi-dimensional Model of Maori Identity and Cultural Engagement (MMMICE) is proposed. The MMM-ICE is a hierarchically organised self-report (Likert-type) instrument designed to assess six distinct dimensions of identity and cultural engagement in Maori populations. Scale content was developed based on a detailed review of qualitative and quantitative literature on ...
Corballis, Michael - - 2010
From the 1960s, a radical treatment for intractable epilepsy was to cut the corpus callosum, the main commissure connecting the two sides of the brain. In 1981, Roger W. Sperry won the Nobel Prize for his work on the apparent division of consciousness between the two cerebral hemispheres in these ...
- - 2010
Colgan, Len - - 2010
Andreas, Karen - - 2010
Butcher, Derek - - 2010
Solorzano, Sofia - - 2010
Tillandsia recurvata L. is the most ubiquitous epiphyte species in the American arid and semi-arid regions. In the Zapotitlan valley of Mexico this epiphyte shows the highest population density on the legume trees of Prosopis laevigata and Parkinsonia praecox. In the present study, we compared the genetic diversity of T. ...
Byock, Ira - - 2010
Levine, Aaron - - 2010
Over the last couple of decades, oocyte donation has become common, important, and sometimes lucrative. Women who donate eggs are often offered fees, though ostensibly only to offset their expenses and limited to no more than $ 10,000, following recommendations adopted by the fertility industry. Is the industry adhering to ...
Dreger, Alice - - 2010
Friedmann, Theodore - - 2010
Gilbert, Susan - - 2010
Todd, Jan - - 2010
Murray, Thomas - - 2010
Cheating evolves constantly. Dozens of athletes were barred from the Winter Olympics for taking banned substances. Gene doping is on the horizon. Questions have arisen about which athletes count as "female. " What does it take to keep sports fair? And what does fairness require?
Baruch, Jay - - 2010
Cohn, Felicia - - 2010
Robertson, John - - 2010
Kaebnick, Gregory - - 2010
Jonsen, Albert - - 2010
Wong, Frank - - 2010
Large-scale internal migrations within China have led to speculation of increased drug use, but with little empirical evidence. This cross-sectional study examines the association between migration characteristics and illicit drug use in 100 general male migrants and 239 "money boys" (i.e., male migrants engaging in same-sex transactional sex) in Shanghai, ...
Saban, Amina - - 2010
This article reviews the recent literature on the association between psychopathology and substance use in young people. An electronic literature search, using PSYCINFO/PSYCLIT and PUBMED/MEDLINE, yielded 93 English-language articles for the period 1990-2008. Of these articles, 89 (95.7%) reported studies conducted in developed countries, 57 (61.3%) had community or population ...
Polcin, Douglas - - 2010
The role of confrontation in recovery has been vigorously debated. Proponents suggest confrontation can break down denial and increase motivation. Critics point to counseling studies showing confrontation harms the therapeutic alliance and increases resistance. Frequently missing in these debates is an operational definition of confrontation that can be reliably measured. ...
Norman, Sonya - - 2010
PTSD and substance use disorder (SUD) are highly prevalent among veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom; OEF/ OIF). Seeking Safety (SS) is a cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy for co-occurring PTSD/SUD. This pilot study with fourteen male OEF/OIF veterans suggests that SS may help to reduce alcohol use, ...
Maremmani, Icro - - 2010
This study attempts to analyse potential gender differences among a group of heroin addicts seeking treatment at a university-based medical centre. The central modality of treatment at this centre is the use of methadone maintenance. Among those patients entering this program there seems to be an emerging pattern of males ...
Kropp, Frankie - - 2010
Evidence suggests that prenatal care, healthy behaviors such as exercise and nutrition, and general stress level are associated with fetal and maternal health but there is a relative dearth of research on interventions to improve these factors in pregnant substance users. Two hundred pregnant substance users entering outpatient substance abuse ...
Elifson, Kirk - - 2010
This study examines the practice of foregoing necessary medical care in a population of young adult Ecstasy users. The objectives are to (1) investigate how the failure to receive needed medical care is related to drug-related outcomes, and (2) identify factors that are associated with receiving versus foregoing needed medical ...
Edokpolo, Osamede - - 2010
This study examines mental health symptoms in a cohort of adolescents with substance use disorder (SUD), and attempts to determine if mental health symptoms differed by gender. We retrospectively looked at the Beck's Youth Inventory Second Edition (BYI-II) scores of 88 clients attending a community drug and alcohol treatment service ...
Cheng, W. - - 2010
Methamphetamine (MA) use has been found to be associated with increased risk of HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STI) among men having sex with men, but it is unknown whether those who inject MA are at greater risk for these infections than those who administer MA by other routes. Furthermore, ...
Anderson, Beth - - 2010
In the United States, one in six teenagers has driven under the influence of marijuana. Driving under the influence of marijuana and alcohol is equally prevalent, despite the fact that marijuana use is less common than alcohol use. Much of the research examining the effects of marijuana on driving performance ...
McGinnis, Laura - - 2010
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