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Marlow, Michael - - 2010
Orient, Jane - - 2010
Bauer, Henry - - 2010
Tests for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) do not detect HIV; they respond "positive" to a wide range of physiological conditions. The seminal papers from Gallo's laboratory did not demonstrate HIV to be the cause of AIDS. The patent based on those papers did not demonstrate that the proposed HIV tests, ...
Huntoon, Lawrence - - 2010
- - 2010
Gorman, Linda - - 2010
Alpar, John - - 2010
Ramsland, Katherine - - 2010
Curran, Janice - - 2010
Lipman, Jonathan - - 2010
Vecchi, Gregory - - 2010
Ditmer, Dianne - - 2010
Mawere, Munyaradzi - - 2010
This paper concerns the question of the purpose of human life heretofore referred to as life, as it is traditionally viewed by the Shona people of Mozambique and Zimbabwe. To most 'ordinary people', the question has no immediate answer. To others, there are cu de sacs- dead ends in the ...
Sissoko, Moussa - - 2010
With the election in 2008 of Barack Hussein Obama as president of the United States, there is renewed interest in the African perspective on American politics. It remains to be seen whether Obama's election triggers abiding change or simply highlights the resurrection of the crucible of race relations in the ...
Kadenge, Maxwell - - 2010
Nambya is an officially recognized indigenous minority language that is spoken by about 100 thousand Zimbabweans in some Ndebele dominated areas within the Matabeleland North province of Zimbabwe. In this context, this research is motivated by the fact that Nambya grammar has not received significant attention from linguists, despite the ...
Afisi, Oseni - - 2010
There is no gainsaying the obvious that women have played leadership roles in the development of various African societies from pre-colonial days till now. Even though the patriarchy system in Africa cannot be denied, yet, the African woman possesses the power that binds the society together. In traditional African society, ...
Alexander Meade, - - 2010
Miruka, Collins - - 2010
Most Kenyans seem to have lost trust in government institutions as impartial public service providers. For instance, many of them would be astonished to learn that one has obtained a passport or a driver's license without 'knowing someone' or 'paying something small.' However, despite this being the perception of the ...
Ayantayo, Jacob - - 2010
The paper observes that scholars have not written much on the need for professionalism in the teaching of religious Studies as it is done in several professions such as medicine, nursing, computer, accountancy financial management, information systems among others This, is the vacuum that the work intends to fill. Within ...
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