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Payne, Faith - - 2010
The male urethra is vulnerable to injury with multisystem trauma, especially those that include pelvic fractures. Controversy exists regarding the optimal time to repair urethral injuries and different modalities exist for their treatment. We report the first documented case of percutaneous endoscopic realignment of a urethra using a previous cystostomy ...
Lanham, Angie - - 2010
Shaner, Cassie - - 2010
France, Cheryl - - 2010
Admission to one of the state hospitals in West Virginia is gained through a legal proceeding which is initiated on a county level. It was hypothesized that involuntary psychiatric admission patterns from the Sharpe Hospital catchment area do not have a direct correlation with county population.
Rossi, Daniel - - 2010
Yu, Michael - - 2010
Growing skull fractures are a rare complication of linear skull fractures in children. The authors report a case of a growing skull fracture in a 5-month-old patient with a review of the literature. CT and MRI scans revealed a growing skull fracture with complication of leptomeningeal cyst formation. Surgical removal ...
Sporck, F. - - 2010
Grantham, Dennis - - 2010
Nuhu, Folorunsho - - 2010
Background. The few studies on child abuse in Nigeria have focused on the child victims. However, little is known about characteristics of the parents who are the perpetrators of this abuse.
Tunde-Ayinmode, M.F. - - 2010
Objective. This study aimed to identify the socio-demographic characteristics, pattern of psychiatric disorders and management of children and adolescents before the setting up of a dedicated child and adolescent unit at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, Ilorin, Nigeria.
Wynchank, Sinclair - - 2010
The recent progress in telepsychiatry results from advancing technology and videoconferencing as an effective alternative to classic face-to-face psychiatric interaction, in terms of both results and cost-effectiveness. The wide range of applications of telepsychiatry is outlined--in particular, emergency, forensic, prison and adolescent psychiatry. Attitudes of patients and the providers of ...
Peltzer, Karl - - 2010
Objective. The aim of this secondary analysis of the South African National HIV Prevalence, Incidence, Behaviour and Communication (SABSSM) 2008 survey is to provide current data on illicit drug use that could assist in the development and implementation of effective substance abuse policies and intervention programmes aimed at these populations ...
Bedard, Michel - - 2010
We examined the validity and reproducibility of simulator-based driving evaluations. In Study 1, we examined correlations among Trails A and B, demerit points for simulated drives, and simulator-recorded errors. With one exception, correlations ranged from .44 (p = .103) to .83 (p = .001). In Study 2, we examined correlations ...
Di Stefano, - - 2010
OBJECTIVE. We collected practitioner opinions to improve the validity and reliability of the on-road driver assessment procedures used in Australia.
Korner-Bitensky, Nicol - - 2010
BACKGROUND. Older driver safety is a growing concern. We identified capacity-building needs of occupational therapists related to older driver screening, assessment, and intervention.
Unsworth, Carolyn - - 2010
OBJECTIVE. The number of functionally impaired drivers being assessed is increasing the urgency to develop a standardized off-road driver assessment battery. We examined the validity of the Road Law and Road Craft Test (RLRCT) and a version of the Melbourne Slide Test to determine whether they should be included in ...
Classen, Sherrilene - - 2010
OBJECTIVE. We report on item development and validity testing of a self-report older adult safe driving behaviors measure (SDBM).
Mullen, Nadia - - 2010
We examined whether participants who failed to complete a simulated drive because of simulator sickness (dropouts) differed from those who completed the simulation (completers). Thirteen healthy older adult dropouts (mean age = 74.8 yr) and 12 comparable completers were compared on the following variables: on-road driving performance, the Useful Field ...
Duquette, Josee - - 2010
OBJECTIVES. We sought to determine whether the partial administration of the Cognitive Behavioral Driver's Inventory (CBDI) has a significant effect on its concurrent validity.
Elgin, Jennifer - - 2010
OBJECTIVE. To examine whether some drivers with hemianopia or quadrantanopia display safe driving skills on the road compared with drivers with normal visual fields.
Vrkljan, Brenda - - 2010
We conducted a series of focus groups to explore the information needs of clinicians and consumers related to arthritis and driving. An open coding analysis identified common themes across both consumer and clinician-based focus groups that underscored the importance of addressing driving-related concerns and the challenges associated with assessing safety. ...
Dalchow, Jami - - 2010
In this study, we examined confidence and face validity or client acceptability of tests used in a Veterans Affairs Medical Center driving clinic. The clinic used evidence-based off-road tests and adopted the Washington University Road Test (WURT) as a performance-based on-road examination. Forty-three clients consented to participate in the study; ...
Shechtman, Orit - - 2010
OBJECTIVES. We examined the validity of our on-road driving assessment to quantify its outcomes.
Classen, Sherrilene - - 2010
Certain driving errors are predictive of crashes, but whether the type of errors evaluated during on-road assessment is similar to traffic violations that are associated with crashes is unknown. Using the crash data of 5,345 older drivers and expert reviewers, we constructed a violation-to-error classification based on rater agreement. We ...
Hunt, Linda - - 2010
Researchers of driving and dementia have reported that drivers with early Alzheimer's disease (AD) may continue to drive for extended periods of time, as long as their driving is evaluated or monitored. The earliest symptoms of AD are known to include loss of recent memory and the inability to recognize ...
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