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Wynchank, Sinclair - - 2010
The recent progress in telepsychiatry results from advancing technology and videoconferencing as an effective alternative to classic face-to-face psychiatric interaction, in terms of both results and cost-effectiveness. The wide range of applications of telepsychiatry is outlined--in particular, emergency, forensic, prison and adolescent psychiatry. Attitudes of patients and the providers of ...
Peltzer, Karl - - 2010
Objective. The aim of this secondary analysis of the South African National HIV Prevalence, Incidence, Behaviour and Communication (SABSSM) 2008 survey is to provide current data on illicit drug use that could assist in the development and implementation of effective substance abuse policies and intervention programmes aimed at these populations ...
Pitney, William - - 2010
Context: Work-related demands can challenge an athletic trainer's professional role commitment for an extended period throughout one's career.
Scher, Steve - - 2010
Context: The overhead throwing motion is complex, and restrictions in range of motion (ROM) at the hip may place additional demands on the shoulder that lead to injury. However, the relationship between hip and shoulder ROM in athletes with and without a history of shoulder injury is unknown.
Dwyer, Maureen - - 2010
Context: Closed kinetic chain exercises are an integral part of rehabilitation programs after lower extremity injury. Sex differences in lower extremity kinematics have been reported during landing and cutting; however, less is known about sex differences in movement patterns and activation of the hip musculature during common lower extremity rehabilitation ...
Mazerolle, Stephanie - - 2010
Context: Previous research has indicated that despite awareness of the current literature on the recommended prevention and care of exertional heat stroke (EHS), certified athletic trainers (ATs) acknowledge failure to follow those recommendations.
Brade, Carly - - 2010
Context: Cooling jackets are a common method for removing stored heat accumulated during exercise. To date, the efficiency and practicality of different types of cooling jackets have received minimal investigation.
Gagnon, Daniel - - 2010
Context: The measurement of body temperature is crucial for the initial diagnosis of exertional heat injury and for monitoring purposes during a subsequent treatment strategy. However, little information is available about how different measurements of body temperature respond during and after exertional heat stress.
Casa, Douglas - - 2010
Context: Authors of most field studies have not observed decrements in physiologic function and performance with ' increases in dehydration, although authors of well-controlled laboratory studies have consistently reported this relationship. Investigators in these field studies did not control exercise intensity, a known modulator of body core temperature.
Yeargin, Susan - - 2010
Context: Previous researchers have not investigated the thermoregulatory responses to multiple consecutive days of American football in adolescents.
Godek, Sandra - - 2010
Context: Considerable controversy regarding fluid replacement during exercise currently exists.
Armstrong, Lawrence - - 2010
Context: In hot environments, the American football uniform predisposes athletes to exertional heat exhaustion or exercise-induced hyperthermia at the threshold for heat stroke (rectal temperature [[]] > 39[degrees]C).
Johnson, Evan - - 2010
Context: The protective equipment worn during American football has been shown to increase thermal strain; however, the perception of this increased heat has not been examined.
Boysan, Murat - - 2010
Objective: The aim of the study was to explore associations between obsessive-compulsive symptoms, dissociation, and dysfunctional limitedness schemas.
Durmus, Hacer - - 2010
A 68-year-old woman presented with subacute onset of limbic symptoms, cerebellar ataxia and polyneuropathy. While the initial findings were suggestive of a paraneoplastic syndrome, she later developed liver and kidney problems during the follow-up. The patient was finally diagnosed as having definite systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) based on clinical and ...
Kamisli, Ozden - - 2010
Jaffe-Campanacci syndrome consists of non-ossifying fibromas of the bones and cafe au lait spots. Mental retardation is also observed in some patients. Nonconvulsive status epilepticus may be associated with various diseases. However, to our knowledge, no association between these two conditions has been reported in the literature. We report a ...
Akdag, Hatice - - 2010
In the treatment of resistant schizophrenic patients, the preferred monotherapy of clozapine, does not result in sufficient treatment response in 40-70% of the cases. The high rate of treatment unresponsiveness has led clinicians to augment clozapine with other pharmacological agents. To date, many clinical and case studies have been conducted. ...
Catak, Pelin - - 2010
Mindfulness refers to paying attention to present moment experiences with a non-judgmental attitude and acceptance. This particular way of paying attention to the unfolding of present moment has become recognized as an effective psychotherapeutic tool. During the past 25 years, mindfulness-based interventions have been successfully integrated into cognitive, behavioural and ...
Evren, Cuneyt - - 2010
Objective: Aim of this study was to evaluate the relationship of alcohol related problems with impairments in quality of life (QoL), while controlling the severity of depression and anxiety symptoms and the age onset of regular alcohol use.
Kutlu, Ayse - - 2010
Objective: Migraine is a recurrent primary headache disorder characterized by different clinical presentations. Migraneurs report excessive sensitivity to light, sound, motion, odours, and other sensory stimuli in and between acute migraine attacks. This study was undertaken to document different trigger factors and to evaluate the differences in episodic and chronic ...
Balci, Birgul - - 2010
Objective: The aim of our study is to investigate the effects of home exercise program on balance, postural control, coordination and functional strengthening in parkinsonian patients.
Yildiz, Demet - - 2010
Objective: In this study, we aimed to evaluate the cognitive functions in Parkinson's disease patients with using neuropsychological assessment and to identify its clinical correlates in Parkinson's disease.
Keklikoglu, Hava - - 2010
Objective: Aphasia tests are used to classify and diagnose aphasia. Aphasia tests, which can classify aphasia quantitatively, are needed for a standard classification of aphasia and to compare studies performed in different centers. The aim of this study was to assess the feasibility of the Turkish version of the Western ...
Aydin, Pinar - - 2010
Objective: This study aims to investigate the memory functions in patients with major depressive disorder by comparing them with control group, to evaluate the course of memory functions during follow-up period and the relationship between relapse and residual symptoms.
Ok, Gulay - - 2010
Objective: The New Delirium Rating Scale (NDRS) makes use of verbal assessments to evaluate the cardinal features of delirium and is an observer-rated, 10-item symptom rating scale based on both DSM-IV and the findings of the previous clinical research. In this study, we tested the validity of the NDRS for ...
Karabilgin, O. - - 2010
Objective: This paper aims to provide information about process and results of Psychiatry Written Board Examinations 2006-2009 of Psychiatric Association of Turkey.
Ozalmete, Ozlem - - 2010
Objective: Since new anti-psychotics have been developed in recent years and their use became increasingly common, clinicians prefer treatment with antipsychotic polypharmacy. The aim of this survey is to determine the prevalence of antipsychotic polypharmacy in patients with schizophrenia at the inpatient unit in Bakirkoy Mental Health and Neurological Diseases ...
Bestepe, Emrem - - 2010
Objective: Marital conflicts and problems are among the issues needing psychology professionals' attention. Rising divorce rates caused the professionals who are dealing with such issues to realize the need to understand the dynamics involved in marriage and family relations. The purpose of this study was to compare three groups, namely ...
Denktas, Hayrunnisa - - 2010
- - 2010
- - 2010
Ager, Maureen - - 2010
Wilson, Chris - - 2010
Geraghty, Michael - - 2010
Davies, Debbie - - 2010
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