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- - 2009
Sullivan, Meredith - - 2009
Lindsay, Leonard - - 2009
Mintz, Steven - - 2009
Epprecht, Marc - - 2009
Ramsden, Edmund - - 2009
In John B. Calhoun's early crowding experiments, rats were supplied with everything they needed--except space. The result was population boom, followed by such severe psychological disruption that the animals died off to extinction. The take-home message was that crowding resulted in pathological behavior--in rats and by extension in humans. For ...
Wray, Shona - - 2009
Notarial culture permeated all aspects of social life in late medieval Italy, including dispute settlement. This article examines the notarial acts produced to settle conflicts and make peace outside of a court in the city and countryside of Bologna. Through their offer of legal expertise and an array of contract ...
Chazkel, Amy - - 2009
This article reconstructs the social ecology of the Brazilian capital city's principal Detention Center (Casa de Detencao) at the beginning of the country's First Republic (1889-1930). Most of the persons in Rio's city jail at this time were only detained for a relatively brief period and without any formal charges. ...
Bellanta, Melissa - - 2009
This article explores the relationship between minstrelsy and rough Anglo-Celtic youths, or larrikins, in late nineteenth-century Australia. It shows that in the 1880s, larrikins were drawn to blackface minstrel characters, especially dandy characters, who carried themselves with a deliberately burlesque panache. There were definite similarities here between Australian larrikins and ...
Manzano, Valeria - - 2009
This article reconstructs the life story of a commodity, the blue jean, in 1960s and 1970s Buenos Aires. It analyzes how the blue jean was commercialized, who wore it, and the meanings they attributed to the jeans. In addition, it. explores the cultural representations of the blue jean and analyzes ...
Young, Patrick - - 2009
This article analyzes the conversion of peasant cultures into patrimony and "heritage" in early twentieth century France. It recounts more particularly how a seeming retreat from the westernmost of traditional regional costume by the population of France's westernmost region of Brittany prompted new initiatives by regionalist and tourist advocates to ...
Elsey, Brenda - - 2009
In the 1950s, amateur sports clubs in Santiago, Chile created a magnetic icon of the popular barrio or neighborhood football player. This figure became a charismatic symbol of working-class ingenuity and class injustice. It represented an alternative construction of masculinity based on one's physical labor, creativity, and political militancy. Popular ...
Bourke, Joanna - - 2009
Joanna Bourke, "Divine Madness: The Dilemma of Religious Scruples in Twentieth-Century America and Britain"
Kazmier, Lisa - - 2009
Lisa Kazmier, "Leading the World: The Role of BRITAIN and the First World War in Promoting the 'Modern Cremation' Movement"
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