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Blaser, Kent - - 2009
Gobble, Cynthia - - 2009
This paper is based on the premise that nurses come to terms with the realities of patients by forming an understanding of their cultural viewpoints through embracing the person's story. 'the author presents her journey in coming to understand the importance of attending to the patient's story in the delivery ...
Roberge, Candice - - 2009
This papa explores factors that influence rural nurse retention. A comprehensive literature review was used to highlight, examine and evaluate studies that identify factors, including personal characteristics and experiences, in relation to rural nurse retention and job satisfaction. The findings from the literature review suggest rural nurse retention is influenced ...
Prinz, Linda - - 2009
Health disparities exist in rural populations calling for more research in this area, yet rural research recruitment presents obstacles. The aim of this descriptive research was to describe a population of rural workers exposed to grain dust and to determine factors that influence recruitment of rural workers for research studies. ...
Seal, Nuananong - - 2009
The purpose of this descriptive qualitative research was to explore physical activity patterns of families of overweight preschool children aged 3 to 5 years living in a predominantly coral agricultural state. This paper presents the second part of a dually focused study related to healthy eating and physical activity (PA) ...
Graves, Ann - - 2009
Health is geographically differentiated thereby creating an inextricable link between "place" and "health". Differences in access to healthcare services and resulting adverse health outcomes when there is inadequate healthcare are major public health priorities. While the literature is replete with research about disparities in healthcare access and health outcomes, a ...
O'Lynn, Chad - - 2009
This descriptive study explored the availability of research findings to rural nurses and how they use those findings in clinical practice. Surveys were completed by 200 registered nurses located in the rural northern United States. The results indicate that research findings were available to most participants. The majority (82.9%) of ...
Puskar, Kathryn - - 2009
Research findings indicate a relationship between weight perception and depression in adolescents. This study explored the relationship between weight perception, gender, and depressive symptoms in rural adolescents. Among 623 rural adolescents who completed a health inventory and a depression scale, 75 participants (n = 62 females; n = 13 males) ...
Yonge, Olive - - 2009
Preceptorship is widely used as a cost-effective clinical non-traditional teaching method. However, insufficient research has been done in this area, particularly as to how a successful student-preceptor relationship is formed. The rural setting poses additional challenges as the nursing instructor is not physically present to monitor the course of the ...
Dunn, Linda - - 2009
Stanton, Marietta - - 2009
- - 2009
Baghurst, Timothy - - 2009
Allen-Collinson, Jacquelyn - - 2009
Finney-Brown, Tessa - - 2009
Finney-Brown, Tessa - - 2009
Finney-Brown, Tessa - - 2009
Finney-Brown, Tessa - - 2009
Finney-Brown, Tessa - - 2009
Ward, Carolyn - - 2009
Ganesh, S. - - 2009
The liver is a target of injuries by a number of hepatotoxins such as viruses, bacteria, chemicals, medicines and alcohol. If not treated early such injuries can lead to chronic liver disorders. A number of herbal formulations have been claimed to be effective in managing liver disorders. In the present ...
Glastonbury, Stuart - - 2009
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a progressive inflammatory disease that includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. These are debilitating chronic respiratory conditions that are largely preventable due to smoking being a major etiological factor. Once diagnosed there is a steady decline in respiratory function often resulting in chronic hypoxemia and ...
Baxter, John - - 2009
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