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Puskar, Kathryn - - 2009
Research findings indicate a relationship between weight perception and depression in adolescents. This study explored the relationship between weight perception, gender, and depressive symptoms in rural adolescents. Among 623 rural adolescents who completed a health inventory and a depression scale, 75 participants (n = 62 females; n = 13 males) ...
Yonge, Olive - - 2009
Preceptorship is widely used as a cost-effective clinical non-traditional teaching method. However, insufficient research has been done in this area, particularly as to how a successful student-preceptor relationship is formed. The rural setting poses additional challenges as the nursing instructor is not physically present to monitor the course of the ...
Dunn, Linda - - 2009
Stanton, Marietta - - 2009
- - 2009
Baghurst, Timothy - - 2009
Allen-Collinson, Jacquelyn - - 2009
Finney-Brown, Tessa - - 2009
Finney-Brown, Tessa - - 2009
Finney-Brown, Tessa - - 2009
Finney-Brown, Tessa - - 2009
Finney-Brown, Tessa - - 2009
Ward, Carolyn - - 2009
Ganesh, S. - - 2009
The liver is a target of injuries by a number of hepatotoxins such as viruses, bacteria, chemicals, medicines and alcohol. If not treated early such injuries can lead to chronic liver disorders. A number of herbal formulations have been claimed to be effective in managing liver disorders. In the present ...
Glastonbury, Stuart - - 2009
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a progressive inflammatory disease that includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. These are debilitating chronic respiratory conditions that are largely preventable due to smoking being a major etiological factor. Once diagnosed there is a steady decline in respiratory function often resulting in chronic hypoxemia and ...
Baxter, John - - 2009
Doughty, Adam - - 2009
Smith, Adam - - 2009
There has been a widely held belief that people with autism spectrum disorders lack empathy. This article examines the empathy imbalance hypothesis (EIH) of autism. According to this account, people with autism have a deficit of cognitive empathy but a surfeit of emotional empathy. The behavioral characteristics of autism might ...
Nogami, Tatsuya - - 2009
The well-established notion that the frequency of self-interested unethical behavior increases among anonymous people was reexamined employing a more strict definition of anonymity, voluntary unethical behavior, and adult individuals. Anonymity was defined as nonassociability of the participant's trails with respect to unethical behavior. The participant's identity and a monetary reward ...
Whelan, Robert - - 2009
The present experiment examined temporal discounting across 3 different age bands: adolescents, adults, and older adults (mean ages 14, 46, and 73 years, respectively). A computerized task was employed in which participants were asked to choose between larger rewards available at a specified time in the future--either [pounds sterling]100 or ...
Gorham, Marie - - 2009
The current study comprised 2 experiments to generate relational responding in typically developing children and children with autism. In Study 1, the children were exposed to a problem-solving task that involved the presentation of 2, 3, or 4 identically sized coins to test and train the arbitrary relations of more ...
O'Toole, Catriona - - 2009
The Implicit Association Test (IAT) examines the differential association of 2 target concepts with 2 attribute concepts. Responding is predicted to be faster on consistent trials, when concepts that are associated in memory share a response key, than on inconsistent trials, when less associated items share a key. In the ...
Wilkinson, Krista - - 2009
We evaluated formation of simple symbolic categories from initial learning of specific dictated word-picture relations through emergence of untaught or derived relations. Participants were 10 individuals with severe intellectual and language limitations. Three experimental categories were constructed, each containing 1 spoken word (Set A), 1 photograph (Set B), and 1 ...
Bauer, Ben - - 2009
Stevens's power law ([PSI][various][[PHI].sup.[beta]]) captures the relationship between physical ([PHI]) and perceived ([PSI]) magnitude for many stimulus continua (e.g., luminance and brightness, weight and heaviness, area and size). The exponent ([beta]) indicates whether perceptual magnitude grows more slowly than physical magnitude ([beta] < 1), directly as physical magnitude ([beta] [approximately ...
Navarick, Douglas - - 2009
Participants repeatedly chose between 25 s of cartoon video followed by 5 s of time-out and 5 s of cartoon video followed by 25 s of time-out. In the first 15 min, participants chose the former schedule on 80% of trials. In the second 15 min, they were instructed to ...
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