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Wittenberg, D.F. - - 2012
Background. Acute onset vomiting and diarrhoea is one of the most common illnesses of infancy, and is second only to respiratory illnesses as a cause of childhood deaths worldwide. Existing guidelines for management of diarrhoea are often ignored in public and private practice, possibly because of a perception that the ...
Lowman, Warren - - 2012
We evaluated the in vitro microbiological efficacy of a generic ceftriaxone product against several clinically significant organisms collected from sterile sites. The minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) of each was determined simultaneously with the reference and the generic ceftriaxone product. Comparative analysis of MICs between the two products for each isolate ...
Woods, D. - - 2012
The use of cell phone text messaging to improve access to continuing healthcare education in under-resourced settings is not well documented. We aimed to assess whether this method of education is acceptable to South African midwives in both the public and private sectors. Essential healthcare lessons from the Maternal Care ...
Cameron, David - - 2012
Objectives. To determine the percentage of nurses initiating new HIV-positive patients on therapy within 2 months of attending the Nurse Initiation and Maintenance of Antiretroviral Therapy (NIMART) course, and to identify possible barriers to nurse initiation.
- - 2012
Ehrlich, Rodney - - 2012
Cases of occupational disease, solvent encephalopathy and occupational asthma are used to exemplify failings of the workers' compensation system in South Africa, that include delays in processing claims, non-response to requests for information, and inadequate assessment of disability. These and other systemic deficiencies in administration of the Compensation for Occupational ...
- - 2012
Tiemensma, Marianne - - 2012
Background. According to the regulations of the National Health Act, all 'sudden and unexpected' deaths in South Africa should be referred to Forensic Pathology Services (FPS) for further investigation.
Wessels, P.F. - - 2012
Background. Patients in acute hospital care show a high risk for venous thromboembolism (VTE); 52% of patients globally are at risk, with approximately only half receiving appropriate prophylaxis.
Grimwood, Ashraf - - 2012
Improving national prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) services in South Africa has been challenging. PMTCT outcomes were analysed at 58 primary- and secondary-level antenatal facilities across seven high HIV burden sub-districts in three provinces, over an 18-month period during which new South African PMTCT clinical guidelines were implemented and a ...
Mohapi, Morongwa - - 2012
Under the National Health Insurance, a hospital is expected to provide service to patients based on its category. However, in reality the tertiary hospitals offer every level of care, resulting in poor quality of care and over-expenditure. The Polokwane/Mankweng Hospital Complex is a provincial tertiary hospital that delivers tertiary care ...
Bateman, Chris - - 2012
Lewallen, Susan - - 2012
Kelava, Tomislav - - 2012
Verma, K.G. - - 2012
BACKGROUND: Dental abnormalities of tooth number in development of the permanent dentition are quite common; however combined occurrence of hypodontia and hyperdontia is a rare phenomenon, especially when it occurs in the same dental arch and in a non-syndromic situation. CASE REPORT: A 15%-year-old non-syndromic male with missing mandibular central ...
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