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Jomaa, Wafa - - 2011
La tumeur myofibroblastique inflammatoire est une lesion classee par l OMS parmi les neoplasies intermediaires. Elle peut sieger dans differents organes : les poumons, le pancreas, le mesentere et l uterus. La localisation vesicale est rare.
Kaneko, Gou - - 2011
A 62-year-old female patient had occasional bleeding from a mass in the urethral meatus. She had been conservatively treated with steroid ointment at another hospital for 1 year, but the bleeding had persisted. The patient was therefore referred for further treatment. A reddish mass, measuring 5 mm in diameter was ...
Xu, Yun-fei - - 2011
Bladder leiomyosarcoma is a unique mesenchymal tumour, accounting for less than 0.5% of all primary bladder malignancies. Bladder leiomyosarcoma used to be treated with radical surgery in either old or young patients, often resulting in significant impact on the patients s quality of life after surgery. We report on a ...
Kanaroglou, Niki - - 2011
Posterior urethral valves (PUV) are now commonly suspected on antenatal ultrasound, but can present with a broad spectrum of severity postnatally. Rarely, the diagnosis is missed until adolescence or adulthood when the patient usually presents with lower urinary tract symptoms. We describe an even rarer case of PUV in an ...
Klotz, Laurence - - 2011
- - 2011
Alsaikhan, Bader - - 2011
Extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy (SWL) remains the only truly minimally invasive procedure for the treatment of upper tract nephrolithiasis. Recently, there has been a recent rise in the patients on antiplatelet agents. Therefore, the aim of the present study is to review the literature available regarding SWL in these high-risk patients ...
- - 2011
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- - 2011
Caulfield, Angela - - 2011
Sleep disorders of childhood are common and cause much distress to children and families. Assessment and treatment services are limited in the UK. More multidisciplinary specialist facilities are needed. The professional interest shown in sleep training programmes and the public demand in response to media coverage of sleep issues suggests ...
Lewis, Anne - - 2011
The mental health of mothers is of significant concern to community practitioners. This paper reports on a case study exploring the success factors of a well established, health visitor-led protocol to identify and treat women with mild to moderate depression. Data were collected through interviews with a purposive sample of ...
Burchill, John - - 2011
This paper will highlight one of the key findings of a qualitative study based on the analysis of in-depth interviews with 14 health visitors describing their experiences working with refugees and asylum seekers. Despite changes in government legislation to improve children's services in order to prevent harm to children, this ...
- - 2011
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