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Caulfield, Angela - - 2011
Sleep disorders of childhood are common and cause much distress to children and families. Assessment and treatment services are limited in the UK. More multidisciplinary specialist facilities are needed. The professional interest shown in sleep training programmes and the public demand in response to media coverage of sleep issues suggests ...
Lewis, Anne - - 2011
The mental health of mothers is of significant concern to community practitioners. This paper reports on a case study exploring the success factors of a well established, health visitor-led protocol to identify and treat women with mild to moderate depression. Data were collected through interviews with a purposive sample of ...
Burchill, John - - 2011
This paper will highlight one of the key findings of a qualitative study based on the analysis of in-depth interviews with 14 health visitors describing their experiences working with refugees and asylum seekers. Despite changes in government legislation to improve children's services in order to prevent harm to children, this ...
- - 2011
Fisher, Maggie - - 2011
Evans, Barbara - - 2011
- - 2011
Carroll, V. - - 2011
Clark, H. - - 2011
Almost half of New Zealand's greenhouse gas emissions arise from agriculture and enteric methane (C[H.sub.4]) emissions arising from ruminant animals constitute 30% of total C[O.sub.2]-e emissions. Enteric C[H.sub.4] emissions have increased by 9% since 1990. Extensive research has been undertaken to develop reliable methods for measuring enteric C[H.sub.4] emissions. New ...
Takahashi, Junichi - - 2011
The abatement of methane emission from ruminants is an important global issue due to its contribution to greenhouse gas with carbon dioxide. Methane is generated in the rumen by methanogens (archaea) that utilize metabolic hydrogen ([H.sub.2]) to reduce carbon dioxide, and is a significant electron sink in the rumen ecosystem. ...
Jin, Y.H. - - 2011
The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of storage temperature and time on the quality parameters of eggs from laying hens at peak production. A total of 576 eggs were obtained from Lohmann Light-Brown hens, which were collected 3 times when the hens were 26, 27, and ...
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