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Clark, Mary - - 2009
This paper outlines a small action research work-based study. Its aim was to ascertain the content of an e-learning resource designed to help student children and young people's (CYP) nurses promote young children's mental health. Recent policy stresses the importance of this area of health promotion. The setting for the ...
Kenyon, Lynn - - 2009
Community engagement is a policy initiative to promote public health, and represents government aspirations to develop a healthy and fair society. It is a recent addition to a succession of policy initiatives that are designed to encourage members of the public to become more engaged in the promotion and maintenance ...
Smith, Caroline - - 2009
Targeting services in order to reduce health inequalities is a key national priority. This paper describes a project funded by the Greater Manchester Public Health Network looking at service provision to reduce infant mortality and promote child health across Greater Manchester. The aim of this was to improve standards of ...
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