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Collin, Jonathan - - 2009
Creek, Jennifer - - 2009
Challis, Tim - - 2009
With the relocation of local authority roles to primary care trust occupational therapy services, an additional set of criteria for aids and adaptations has been introduced alongside the existing criteria used by health-based occupational therapists. This has led to questions over implementation and use, and highlighted the need for further ...
Purcell, Amanda - - 2009
Cancer-related fatigue is reported as the most common and distressing symptom experienced by people with cancer. There is limited research published to guide occupational therapists working with people with cancer to help address this distressing symptom. This article reviews literature on cancer-related fatigue and identifies several factors associated with the ...
Brown, Ted - - 2009
The visual perceptual skills of children are often evaluated by health care and education practitioners. Even though the Test of Visual Perceptual Skills--Revised (TVPS-R) is one of the most frequently used instruments with school-age children, its construct validity has not been evaluated thoroughly. The purpose of the study was to ...
Stapleton, Tadhg - - 2009
This study was carried out to explore the current usage of standardised assessments and outcome measures by occupational therapists working with adults with physical disabilities. A survey research design, using a postal questionnaire specifically designed for the study, was employed.
Sumsion, Thelma - - 2009
This qualitative study adds to the client-centred literature by focusing on occupational therapists' experience of working on teams that support clients with a severe and persistent mental illness from a client-centred perspective. The paper reports on the second category of data relating to a previously published paper, which replicated the ...
Molineux, Matthew - - 2009
Potter, Polyxeni - - 2009
Angelakis, Emmanouil - - 2009
Terzian, Ana Carolina - - 2009
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