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Kung'u, Jacqueline - - 2009
Bacteria were quantified in samples of drinking-water and in two porridges prepared for infant-feeding [fortified instant soy-rice porridge (SRP) and cooked porridge (Lishe bora, LB)] in 54 households. Bacterial numbers were measured again after the porridges had been held at room temperature for four hours (T4). Findings were benchmarked against ...
Cook, David - - 2009
This study retrospectively analyzed demographic factors that may affect the prevalence of intestinal parasites among Guatemalan school children. The findings of the study showed that young age, wet season, female gender, and severe malnutrition all correlated positively with increased rates of infection. Clinical visits were performed on 10,586 school children ...
Alam, M.A. - - 2009
The degree of binding of a drug to plasma proteins has a marked effect on its distribution, elimination, and pharmacological effect since only the unbound fraction is available for distribution into extra-vascular space. The protein-binding of atenolol was measured by equilibrium dialysis in the bovine serum albumin (BSA). Free atenolol ...
Sales, Jack - - 2009
Klotz, Laurence - - 2009
Leveridge, Mike - - 2009
Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) and urothelial carcinoma of the upper urinary tract are not uncommon urological malignancies. Their simultaneous occurrence in a patient is, however, extraordinarily rare. We report the case of a patient who underwent laparoscopic nephrectomy for suspected RCC. Preoperative imaging was suspicious for renal pelvic involvement, which ...
Wallis, Christopher - - 2009
High-flow priapism is most often seen following perineal and penile trauma. We report the case of a 32-year-old man who presented with recurrent idiopathic priapism initially treated as low-flow priapism on 8 previous emergency department visits. Pelvic angiography revealed an abnormal communication between the left cavernosal artery and the left ...
Shaiji, Tariq - - 2009
Despite recent advances in surgical technique using laparoscopic and robotic approaches for the management of early organ-confined prostate cancer, most contemporary reports demonstrate significant rates of erectile dysfunction comparable to standard open approaches. Controversy remains related to many of the pre-and postoperative management strategies, including agents to enhance nerve recovery, ...
Anidjar, Maurice - - 2009
Klotz, Laurence - - 2009
Wellner, Karen - - 2009
Niedzwiecki, John - - 2009
Kormondy, Edward - - 2009
Machuca, Debby - - 2009
Flannery, Maura - - 2009
- - 2009
Matheson, Victor - - 2009
Critics of economic impact studies that purport to show that mega-events such as the Olympics bring large benefits to the communities "lucky" enough to host them frequently cite the use of inappropriate multipliers as a primary reason why these impact studies overstate the true economic gains to the hosts of ...
Koning, Ruud - - 2009
Sports betting and sports have always been strongly connected. Traditionally, these betting markets have been cleared by bookmakers, who accept bets on certain events. These bookmakers carry the risk of paying the amount wagered if the event occurs. Recently, a new type of betting market has appeared, so-called betting exchanges. ...
Koyama, Mark - - 2009
Home advantage in football varies over time. Existing theories of home advantage struggle to explain this time-series variation. We argue that the decline in home advantage in English football since the mid-1980s was partly caused by the advent of televised football. We argue that the increase in live television coverage ...
Leeds, Michael - - 2009
China spent far more on the 2008 Olympiad than any previous host country. A retrospective assessment of the benefits of the 2008 Games to the Chinese economy will not be possible for several years. We use an adaptation of event study methodology that has been employed by studies of previous ...
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