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Palumbo, Mary - - 2011
Purpose: Practical nurses (PNs) rated their general and emotional health and their employers' attention to their health and safety. These components were examined in relationship to work setting and intention to leave for the purpose of exploring workforce issues involving these important care providers of frail elders.
Ferdaus, Riaz - - 2011
Previous studies have suggested that breast cancer patients with a delay of three months or more in initiating radiotherapy after breast conservative surgery, have increased recurrence and lower survival than those without treatment delay.
Haas, Stephen - - 2011
The co-occurrence of child abuse and domestic violence has gained increasing attention over the last several years. As a result, there have been a number of efforts around the country to cross-train domestic violence and child welfare workers. Many of these initiatives are based on recommendations derived from prior research ...
Zahradnik, Anne - - 2011
This study recounts the findings from a year-long survey of Brooklyn residents. Survey respondents were questioned about their knowledge of asthma signs, triggers, symptoms and their attitudes and beliefs about asthma. If they had asthma or were responsible for a child or adult who had asthma they were asked questions ...
Simmons, Paul - - 2011
Shevellar, Lynda - - 2011
The fringe lending sector in Australia has experienced considerable growth over the last decade. However, very little is known about the profile of the typical borrower or the typical lender though much is assumed about the morality and motivation of both. Drawing upon findings from a pilot study conducted in ...
Henderson, Julie - - 2011
Australia, like other jurisdictions, is recognising the poorer physical health of people with mental health disorders. This paper explores policy responses to this issue through discourse analysis of 22 Australian Federal and State Government policy documents published in 2006-2011. The paper utilises Bacchi's 'what's the problem represented to be?' approach ...
McDonald, Katie - - 2011
This article investigates the complex phenomenon of major gift giving to charitable institutions. Drawing on empirical evidence from interviews with 16 Australian major donors (who gave a single gift of at least AU$10,000 in 2008 or 2009), we seek to better understand donor expectations and (dis) satisfaction. Given growing need ...
Charlesworth, Sara - - 2011
The persistence of sexual harassment in the workplace and the fact such behaviour remains significantly unreported suggest that legal definitions of sexual harassment may not be well understood. In this paper we explore the naming and claiming of sexual harassment in Australian workplaces, drawing on a unique dataset from a ...
Lamb, David - - 2011
The Northern Territory National Emergency Response Act 2007 was a radical intervention into the lives of Aboriginal residents of the Northern Territory, Australia. One of the intervention's key measures was income management--a scheme designed to limit the range of goods and services that may be purchased with social security payments. ...
Long, Laird - - 2011
Paddon, Jennifer - - 2011
Reuben, Shelly - - 2011
Nuccitelli, Michael - - 2011
- - 2011
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