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Martinez, Jessica - - 2010
Bornman, P.C. - - 2010
Background. Chronic pancreatitis (CP) is defined as a continuing inflammatory disease of the pancreas characterised by irreversible morphological changes, often associated with pain and with the loss of exocrine and/or endocrine function that may be clinically relevant. Alcohol is the predominant cause of CP in the western world and is ...
Ntusi, Ntobeko - - 2010
The incidence of sepsis is increasing globally, with high morbidity and mortality. Prompt, accurate detection of bacteraemia and fungaemia is imperative for improving patient care, yet health care professionals lack training in correct blood culture techniques. These guidelines discuss the clinical importance of blood cultures, the indications for their use ...
du Toit, - - 2010
Objective. To investigate the association between preconception and prenatal alcohol use and abruptio placentae.
Moyo, S. - - 2010
Objective. A bloodstream infection (BSI) is a life-threatening condition. We studied the causative agents of BSIs and antimicrobial susceptibility patterns of bacterial isolates at Muhimbili National Hospital (MNH) in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
Fitzgerald, Felicity - - 2010
Objective. To examine the uptake of ART among pregnant women referred to an ART service and the associated rates and risk factors for vertical HIV transmission.
Ekpebegh, C.O. - - 2010
Objectives. To describe the frequencies, presenting characteristics (demographic, clinical and biochemical) and outcomes (duration of admission and mortality rates) for various types of hyperglycaemic crisis.
Doherty, Jane - - 2010
Priority-setting in the health system is necessary because resources are constrained. The role of cost-effectiveness analysis in supporting decision-making around health care priorities in South Africa is explored by referring to South African studies that have provided clinical and policy guidance at the levels of the patient, the service and ...
Saunders, Stuart - - 2010
van der Merwe, - - 2010
Bateman, Chris - - 2010
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