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Kargul, B. - - 2009
AIM: To evaluate the retention rates of a resin based colour changing fissure sealant (Helioseal[R] Clear Chroma; Ivoclar Vivadent AG Schaan, Liechtenstein) compared with a coloured resin based fluoride fissure sealant (Delton[R] FS+; Dentsply De Trey GmbH, Konstanz, Germany). METHODS: The fissure sealants (FS) were placed on all 4 caries-free ...
Oulis, C.J. - - 2009
AIM: This was to evaluate the retention of fissure sealants (FS) and their effectiveness after resealing on caries reduction applied to first permanent molars, in a sample of children stratified according to their caries risk status in a private practice setting. METHODS: The sample was 1,274 FS applied on first ...
Kennedy, D.B. - - 2009
AIM: The purpose of this article is to focus on aetiology and appropriate treatment techniques concerning anklyosis of primary molars. LITERATURE: The dental literature is reviewed in detail concerning aetiology, frequency of occurrence, diagnosis and longevity of ankylosed primary molars without successors. Treatment concepts are discussed. Long term implications of ...
Curzon, Martin - - 2009
Lucey, S. - - 2009
BACKGROUND: The diagnosis and management strategies of double teeth have largely relied on clinical examination and conventional radiographic findings. Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (Cone-beam CT) was developed in the late 1990's and, therefore, is a relatively recent addition to the imaging armamentarium for use in Maxillofacial Radiology. There have been no ...
Lygidakis, N.A. - - 2009
BACKGROUND. Secondary eruption failure of permanent molars is a rare disturbance that usually causes serious clinical problems to the patient. Various treatment approaches have been proposed that depend on the age of the patient, the developmental stage of the root, the position of the tooth, the severity of infraocclusion and ...
Alves, K.M. - - 2009
AIM: This in vitro study evaluated the abrasiveness of acidic fluoride (F) dentifrices with different F concentrations on bovine enamel. METHODS: Enamel blocks (4.0 x 4.0 [mm.sup.2], n = 120) were selected according to their surface microhardness and divided into 12 groups. Slurries of dentifrices were used containing 0 (placebo), ...
Ahmed, M.M. - - 2009
AIM: Determination of the maximum local analgesic dosage in millilitres can be confusing. This article presents a new graph that easily allows the dental practitioner to determine a child's maximum local analgesic dosage in millilitres based on their weight. BACKGROUND: Local analgesia is used daily in dentistry to manage pain, ...
McKenna, G.J. - - 2009
BACKGROUND: Lacrimo-auriculo-dento-digital (LADD) syndrome (OMIM #149730) is an autosomal-dominant congenital disorder that can be caused by heterozygous mutations in the tyrosine kinase domains of the genes encoding fibroblast growth factor receptors 2 (FGFR2) and 3 (FGFR3), and has been found in association with a mutation in the FGF10 gene, which ...
Sujatha, S. - - 2009
BACKGROUND: Juvenile recurrent parotitis (JRP) is a rare salivary gland disease of obscure aetiology that affects children. It is characterized by multiple episodes of unilateral or bilateral parotid inflammation over a period of years. CASE REPORT: A 14 year old boy presented with multiple episodes of recurrent bilateral swellings of ...
Lexner, M.O. - - 2009
AIMS: To describe our treatment considerations obtained from the dental care of several boys affected with X-linked hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia (HED) and to discuss the different problems that may arise in connection with these kinds of treatments. STUDY DESIGN: The suject group included 10 males affected with X-linked HED, treated ...
Kohler, A. - - 2009
AIMS: These were to 1) estimate the prevalence of subjective symptoms and clinical signs of temporomandibular disorders (TMD) in children and adolescents in the city of Jonkoping, Sweden, 2) follow possible variations in TMD signs and symptoms over a 20-year period, and 3) study possible associations between TMD symptoms and ...
Apostolopoulou, D. - - 2009
AIM: This was to validate in vitro a laser fluorescence device, DIAGNOdent[TM] 2095--DD, on the detection of occlusal caries in primary molars using the histological examination as the gold standard and to compare the laser fluorescence findings to the results of the conventionally used diagnostic methods. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS: ...
Elfrink, M.E.C. - - 2009
AIM: The aims of this study were to assess whether intraoral photographs could be used to score caries and hypomineralization on primary molars (Using adapted Molar Incisor Hypomineralization (MIH)-criteria), and also to assess the reliability and validity in 3-7 year-old Dutch children of these scores by comparing them to direct ...
Curzon, Martin - - 2009
Silva, Sofiana - - 2009
Khaxas, Florence - - 2009
Mutumbulwa, Fransina - - 2009
Shivolo, Justina - - 2009
Magenya, Sheena - - 2009
Magenya, Sheena - - 2009
Katjavivi, Isabel - - 2009
Krugman, Maisha - - 2009
- - 2009
- - 2009
Baumgarten, Robin - - 2009
Magenya, Sheena - - 2009
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