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Manley, Ginger - - 2009
Mason, Edna - - 2009
Arnett, Jerome C. - - 2009
Schlafly, Andrew - - 2009
McKalip, David - - 2009
Nearly all public and private-sector third-party payers have called for a new medical services delivery system based on the use of pay for performance (PFP) and public reporting (PR) programs (PFP/PR). These programs seek to drive physicians to comply with quality and efficiency standards created by third parties, through financial ...
Goklany, Indur - - 2009
Proponents of drastic greenhouse gas controls claim that human greenhouse gas emissions cause global warming, which then exacerbates the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, including extreme heat, droughts, floods, and storms such as hurricanes and cyclones.
Huntoon, Lawrence - - 2009
Borg, Walter - - 2009
Eaton, Anne - - 2009
This study used a self-report method to test a conceptual model for predicting the likelihood of retention of foster carers for children requiring out-of-home care. It was hypothesized that satisfaction levels of foster carers would be determined by locus of control and social support, and that the decision to stay ...
Valentine, Kylie - - 2009
Access to early childhood services is widely considered to be an important means of supporting vulnerable children and families. Yet the evidence that access to such services automatically makes a difference for vulnerable families is mixed at best. The growing presence of for-profit early childhood services may have an impact ...
Hansen, Patricia - - 2009
This article examines some aspects of child protection practice in various Australian states. It does so from a parent's perspective through the framework of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) and the Convention on the Rights of the Child (1990). Australia was a signatory to both the Declaration and ...
Clark, Alice - - 2009
Bryson and Mowbray wrote about the uncritical use of the term community by governments in 1981 and ways in which 'evidence-based policy' in relation to communities became little more than a 'catchphrase' in 2005. Both articles appeared in the Australian Journal of Social Issues. This paper reports research that utilised ...
Thompson, Denise - - 2009
The paper begins with an investigation of two metaphors central to the 'social capital' framework -'glue' and 'capital'. Both are found to be inappropriate descriptions of the kinds of human relationships supposedly being alluded to by the term 'social capital'. While the inappropriateness of the term 'glue' is not a ...
Ross, Kerry - - 2009
In Australia, members of a political party are expected to vote as a block on the instructions of their party. Occasionally a 'conscience vote' (or 'free vote') is allowed, which releases parliamentarians from the obligation to maintain party discipline and permits them to vote according to their 'conscience.' In recent ...
Mawere, Munyaradzi - - 2009
Euthanasia is among the most popular titles of several academic debates on studying prevailing social norms concerning medical ethics, and thus, most of the literature focuses either on arguments for or against euthanasia. The Shona culture of Zimbabwe is one culture that abnegates euthanasia. This paper therefore invites and critically ...
Okhonmina, Stephen - - 2009
The African Union is an example of regional integration that is a contemporary phenomenon. At the same time, it is seen as the realization of the desire of some of the founding fathers of the OAU to have a more integrated Union.
Grand, Nesbeth - - 2009
The paper analyses Mutsvairo's Mapondera: Soldier of Zimbabwe (1978), Mweya waNehanda (1988) and Chaminuka: Prophet of Zimbabwe (1983) as recreations of the history of Zimbabwe in fictional terms. It also looks at these novels in relation to the events that preceded the second Chimurenga in this country. The paper argues ...
Oikelome, Albert - - 2009
This study specifically investigated the stylistic elements employed in by Fela during the highlife jazz era. It situated Fela's music into four artistic periods and analyses structural elements of the music in the 60's-being the first artistic period. Samples drawn from the highlife jazz period were selected and scored in ...
Yenika-Agbaw, Vivian - - 2009
This article discusses the challenges many African immigrants face as they raise their children in the United States. Their struggles, I argue is further complicated by issues related to racial and ethnic identities, in addition to their children's reality as first generation American born.
Gabbidon, Shaun - - 2009
Ozbiler, Serife - - 2009
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