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LoPatin-Lummis, Nancy - - 2009
Wood, John - - 2009
This article considers reader responses to newspaper coverage of a British murder case in 1928. Accused of the arsenic murder of her husband, Beatrice Pace became a fixture on the front pages of the British press. More than two hundred Letters sent to her after her acquittal have survived in ...
Henriot, Christian - - 2009
This paper is a study of death in Republican Shanghai with a focus on the issue of exposed corpses and abandoned coffins. Throughout the republican period and into the early years of the PRC, exposed corpses were collected daily in the streets of the city. A huge proportion of them ...
Knepper, Paul - - 2009
The dilemma for the British government in Malta, in confronting drunkenness, gambling and prostitution in Valletta that became apparent in the 1880s, was the acknowledgment that Malta had no crime problem before they arrived. In other colonies, administrators encountered what they believed to be an indigenous crime problem, and it ...
Herbert, Amanda - - 2009
While natural spring spas usually have been associated with late seventeenth century sociability, they also have been understood as refuges for libertine exploit. But female-authored accounts of spa visits provide a different picture. This article examines female homosociability at spas in Britain from 1640-1714. Women at the spa walked outdoors ...
Mukhina, Irina - - 2009
When Mikhail Gorbachev initiated economic reforms in the mid-1980s, many people in the USSR found international peddling more profitable than anything else they could do. At first, tens of thousands of Soviet citizens poured into 'socialist' Poland, Hungary, or China, but by the mid-1990s the trade expanded to include thirty ...
England, Kim - - 2009
This paper examines the changing role of women's paid work outside the home in Canada and the US since the late nineteeth century. In particular we provide a longitudinal analysis of clerical work: a job sector that has constantly ranked as one of the top occupations for women in both ...
Kivimaki, Ville - - 2009
The article examines personal and collective bonds of attachment in war. The Finnish experience in World War II is used to bring together various theoretical viewpoints stretching from nationalism research to gender studies and from the history of emotions to psychoanalytically-oriented approaches. The aim is to understand the central and ...
Belfanti, Carlo - - 2009
The coming of fashion created a new world, in which a passion for novelty, combined with rapid changes in taste, interrupted a tradition of well-established habits in ways of dressing and the significance attributed to clothing, introducing to the social structure a new system of values, able to condition the ...
Finner-Williams, Paris - - 2009
Nimon, Kim - - 2009
Mackey, Edward - - 2009
Hixson, Ronald - - 2009
Eliot, Alexandra - - 2009
Smart, Julie - - 2009
Long, Laird - - 2009
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