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Farina, Stefania - - 2008
Exercise capacity impairment and dyspnea are the most frequent clinical signs showed by patients affected by pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). Consequently, a patient with these symptoms should be investigated to confirm or rule out this diagnosis. A functional evaluation, done by six-minute walking test and/or cardiopulmonary exercise test, can help ...
Atilgan, Yildiz - - 2008
Introduction: In our study; we aimed to determine the smoking habits of the personnel employed in our hospital, to investigate the influence of age, sex, work environment, environment and family and to give opinions relating to the smoking habit. 241 personnel employed in our hospital (70.8%) were included in this ...
Turhan, Kutsal - - 2008
Introduction: In some cases, spontaneous pneumothorax may require surgery, but in poor risk patients, pleurodesis may be a reasonable choice. Pleurodedis with autologous blood necessitates the clampage of the chest tube for a period. Excess air leakage from the chest tube may avoid the clampage. A simple technique without clamping ...
Aydogan, Oznur - - 2008
Introduction: Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (ABPA), which is predominantly a disease of severe asthmatic patients, is caused by hypersensitivity to aspergillus antigens. The prevalence of ABPA is speculative, as the few studies that were performed adopted widely different diagnostic criteria.
Cobanoglu, Ufuk - - 2008
Giris: Bu calismada, tani konamayan kronik oksuruk ve tekrarlayan pnomonili olan ve yabanci cisim aspirasyon suphesi bulunan cocuk olgularin bronkoskopi sonuclarinin literatur esliginde tartisilmasi amaclanmistir.
Sahbaz, Sibel - - 2008
Introduction: To determine frequency of anxiety and depression according to severity of OSAS and to evaluate quality of life.
Yilmaz, Ufuk - - 2008
Introduction: Cisplatin-based chemotherapy improved survival and quality of life in lung cancer. The aim of this study is to evaluate the feasibility of the cisplatin-vinorelbine (day 1+8) in patients with metastatic NSCLC.
McGahan, John - - 2008
Barnhardt, Luther - - 2008
Nissman, Daniel - - 2008
Kulenovic, Elvedin - - 2008
Papp, Laszlo - - 2008
Hitherto unknown adult female and the immature stages (egg, 2nd and 3rd instar larvae) of Aulacigaster africana Barraclough, 1993, from South Africa are described and illustrated. Submarginal lateral setae of female 8th sternite are strong, ordered in one row, and far less numerous than in A. leucopeza. Eggs are asymmetrically ...
Londt, Jason - - 2008
The Afrotropical species of Trichardis Hermann, 1906 are reviewed, and the first species to be recorded from the Oriental Region is described. Brief descriptions are provided for all Afrotropical species studied, and keys supplied for their identification. The following new species are described: Afrotropical T. abdelkuri (Yemen), crassipala (Burkina Faso, ...
Grichanov, Igor - - 2008
The genus Meuffelsia Grichanov, gen. n. is described from South Africa to accommodate two new species, M. erasmusorum Grichanov, sp. n. and M. manningi Grichanov, sp. n. The new genus has been placed in the subfamily Peloropeodinae, and is considered close to the genera Micromorphus and Peloropeodes. Brief information on ...
Davies, Gregory - - 2008
Parapachycerina Stuckenberg, a genus of small, usually yellow-orange sapromyziform lauxaniids (Diptera: Lauxaniidae) restricted to the Old World, is redescribed. The African and Malagasy representatives are revised, with four new species described: P. bispina sp. n., P. infuscata sp. n., P. lalitra sp. n. and P. talea sp. n. There are ...
Barraclough, D.A. - - 2008
A new species of Afrocamilla is described from a series of females from the Bale Mountains in southeastern Ethiopia. The new species is unique within the Camillidae in having markedly swollen fore femora with a posteroventral protrusion of cuticle bearing a dagger-like spine on each femur. The ornamentation of the ...
Schonhofer, Axel - - 2008
The harvestman fauna of the Western Soutpansberg was investigated during two collecting trips. Comments are made on the variability, ecology and remarkable morphological features of the collected material. Characters are displayed and differences to type series are highlighted. Monomontia neglecta sp. n. is described from material housed at the Natal ...
Prendini, Lorenzo - - 2008
A previous list of scorpions from the Brandberg Massif and vicinity, north-western Namibia (Omaruru District, Erongo Region), is updated, based on a survey of the Massif and surrounding areas (the region delimited by 21[degrees]00'S-21[degrees]30'S and 14[degrees]00'E-15?00'E) conducted during three separate expeditions, and augmented by an examination of material in museum ...
Haddad, Charles - - 2008
Three new genera of sac spiders of the subfamily Trachelinae (Corinnidae) are described from southern Africa. Fuchiba gen. n. is represented by F. aquilonia sp. n. (type species), F. capensis sp. n., F. montana sp. n., F. similis sp. n., F. tortilis sp. n. and F. venteri sp. n. All ...
Plisko, J.D. - - 2008
Four acanthodriline species of the genus Parachilota, namely abebaios sp. n., nkandu sp. n., uysae sp. n., and timothyi sp. n., are described and illustrated. Additional information is given on the characters, geographical range and habitat of the earlier known six Parachilota species: editha, hottentotianus, karkloofi, minimus, wahlbergi, and warreni. ...
Nangammbi, T.C. - - 2008
Tricolia retrolineata sp. n. is described from off-shore reef habitats in southern Mozambique and northeastern South Africa. The smooth, glossy shell with bright, variegated colour pattern, as well as the convex, paucispiral, calcareous operculum and lack of interior nacre clearly place this species in the family Phasianellidae. The bulimoid shape ...
van Niekerk, J.P. de - - 2008
Parr, B. - - 2008
Objective. To determine which physiological variables conduce to walking intolerance in patients with peripheral arterial disease (PAD).
Le Feuvre, David - - 2008
Introduction. The International Subarachnoid Aneurysm Trial confirmed endovascular treatment as the treatment of choice for intracranial 'berry' aneurysms. The durability of coiling and the relevance of stable neck remnants needed to be addressed next.
Apffelstaedt, J.P. - - 2008
Background. Mammographic screening has become part of routine health care. We present a first analysis of screening mammography in a dedicated breast health centre in Africa.
Mogatle, Seloi - - 2008
Purpose. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of the African potato (AP) on the pharmacokinetics of efavirenz.
Bryer, Alan - - 2008
de Jager, - - 2008
Davies, Roxanne - - 2008
Objective. To compile an injury profile of 46 fast bowlers aged 11-18 years, and to identify the associated risk factors for injury during one academy cricket season.
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