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Borowski, Allan - - 2008
Australia's retirement income arrangements had reached a policy crossroad by the early 1980s. Not unlike the proverbial slippery fish, the goals and roles of its constituent elements were very difficult to grasp. The ensuing reforms of the 1980s and 1990s brought increasing coherence to these arrangements. Some of the more ...
Walter, Maggie - - 2008
As in other western industrialised countries the structural ageing of the Australian population has significant labour market implications. Government has responded with a range of policies to persuade older workers to abandon early retirement and/or remain in the workforce past traditional retirement ages. But whether this generation of workers will ...
Muir, K. - - 2008
Without appropriate support, people with mental illness can be excluded from stable housing and social and community participation. Transitional models of support for people with acute mental illness have addressed clinical symptoms and hospitalisation, but they have not facilitated stable housing and community integration. In contrast, individualised housing models aim ...
Marston, Greg - - 2008
A key thrust of labour market policy in Australia and many other western countries is that long-term unemployed people lack the personal motivation to engage proactively and successfully in the search for paid employment. In this paper we argue that the implementation of what are experienced as paternal workfare programs ...
Zaretzky, Kaylene - - 2008
Homelessness programs may improve the health, well-being, financial security, labour market and housing outcomes of clients. This, in turn, may result in decreased utilisation of health and justice services, reduced child residential care costs, lower housing management costs, lower income support payments and higher revenue from increased income tax payments. ...
Humpage, Louise - - 2008
International empirical evidence, including that from Australia, suggests that neoliberal reform has not changed public attitudes towards the social rights of citizenship as much as one might predict. But do these international findings hold true for New Zealand, whose institutions were more rapidly transformed by neoliberal reform than similar countries? ...
Baxter, Jennifer - - 2008
For parents there can be negative aspects of how work 'spills over' to family. This analysis focuses on mothers of young children and considers how aspects of work-to-family strain differ for single and couple mothers. While there has been increased focus on the work-family strains of mothers, less is known ...
Saunders, Peter - - 2008
Concern over the reliability of conventional poverty studies has focused attention on the need to demonstrate that those identified as poor are actually experiencing hardship. This paper takes a step in this direction by examining poverty using a living standards approach derived from the literature on deprivation and social exclusion. ...
Lisaniler, Fatma - - 2008
Greaves, Wesley - - 2008
Hepatic adenomatosis was first described in 1985 by Flejou et al as multiple adenomas, arbitrarily more than 10, in an otherwise normal liver parenchyma. Several authors have suggested that it is a distinct entity from hepatic adenoma, which is predominantly seen in young women taking oral contraceptives. Although considered a ...
Shi, Yan - - 2008
Granular cell astrocytoma (GCA) is a rare type of malignant brain tumor with distinct morphologic features and aggressive clinical behavior. Almost all GCAs occur in the cerebral hemispheres. It is characterized by a prominent component of bland-looking granular cells. The tumor cells are usually positive for glial fibrillary acidic protein, ...
Kolwijck, Eva - - 2008
Sister Mary Joseph nodule is one of the less well-known signs of intra-abdominal metastatic disease. The primary tumor site is nearly always detected because of specific morphologic and immunohistochemical features of the umbilical tumor. We describe a case of a 74-year-old woman with a Sister Mary Joseph nodule, which appeared ...
Jaffer, Shabnam - - 2008
We report a case of an axillary lymph node containing benign glandular lesions, intraductal papilloma with florid and atypical duct hyperplasia, and ductal carcinoma in situ. We propose 2 theories for the development of the intraductal papilloma: from adjacent benign glandular inclusions, or from displaced epithelial cells from a previous ...
Hewitt, Stephen - - 2008
Context.--Expression profiling by microarrays and real-time polymerase chain reaction--based assays is a powerful tool for classification and prognostication of disease; however, it remains a research tool, largely reliant on frozen tissue. Limiting the utility of expression profiling is the isolation of quality nucleic acids from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue. The collection, ...
Tozzoli, Renato - - 2008
Context.--The reference limits for thyroid antibodies are generally made by measuring thyroid peroxidase and thyroglobulin antibody values in a group of healthy subjects (direct method), as proposed by the National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry.
Winters, Ryan - - 2008
Context.--It is the generally accepted practice to submit 1 or 2 membrane rolls when examining placentas.
Sanchez-Giron, Francisco - - 2008
Context.--Blood loss from laboratory testing (BLLT) can be significant in hospitalized patients. It is a common practice to draw full large-volume tubes of blood from adults.
Karasavvidou, Foteini - - 2008
Context.--Invasion and the depth of invasion affect significantly the prognosis in urothelial carcinomas. The histopathologic evaluation of invasion may be problematic in some cases. Application of new immunohistochemical markers may facilitate the assessment of invasion. Fascin, one of these markers, is an actin-bundling protein involved in tumor cell migration. Fascin ...
DeRoche, Tom - - 2008
Context.--Immunohistochemical stains for androgen receptor (AR), HER-2/neu, and p53 are used as diagnostic markers associated with malignancy in several histologic types of salivary gland tumors. These markers may be useful in differentiating pleomorphic adenoma with cytologic atypia from intracapsular carcinoma ex pleomorphic adenoma (CXPA), as these tumors are often difficult ...
Gruszecki, Amy - - 2008
Context.--Forensic pathologists regularly investigate the deaths of individuals with a history of drug abuse. Autopsy, including toxicology testing, reveals no cause for death in a subset of this cohort.
Hansson, Maire - - 2008
Context.--We previously found telomere repeat amplification protocol (TRAP) in situ helpful in the diagnosis of malignancy in effusions, whereas varying sensitivities and specificities for malignancy were reported by investigators using extract-based TRAP.
Sica, Gabriel - - 2008
Context.--Lung and breast carcinomas are among the most prevalent cancers. Advances in cancer therapies can provide survival benefit and be potentially curative, even in metastatic disease. Due to the high prevalence of these carcinomas, it is not unusual to encounter lung nodule(s) in a patient with breast carcinoma, and distinguishing ...
Faoro, Leonardo - - 2008
Context.--Angiogenesis is essential for tumors to grow and metastasize. Lymphatic metastasis is also an important means of tumor spread. In non-small cell lung carcinoma, the relationship of lymphangiogenesis with lymph node metastasis and, ultimately, patient prognosis is unknown.
Bandyopadhyay, Sudeshna - - 2008
Context.--Recent guidelines recommend colposcopy for women with atypical squamous cells, cannot exclude high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion (ASC-H).
Tworek, Joseph - - 2008
Context.--The manual microscopic examination (MME) of the urine sediment is an imprecise and labor-intensive procedure. Many laboratories have developed rules from clinical parameters or urinalysis results to limit the number of these examinations.
Valenstein, Paul - - 2008
Context.--Hospital accreditors are placing increased emphasis on the timeliness with which critical laboratory results are reported to caregivers.
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