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Hixson, Ronald - - 2008
Reidenberg, Dan - - 2008
Carbonel, Marino - - 2008
Rosenberg-Javors, Irene - - 2008
Mack, Dwayne - - 2008
Cleves, Rachel - - 2008
Logan, Enid - - 2008
In this essay, a battle over canon and civil marriage that took place during the first U.S. occupation of Cuba, 1899-1902, is examined. The controversy surrounded the publication of a marriage law that declared that henceforth only civil marriages would be recognized by the state. The debate is discussed from ...
Radushev, Evgeni - - 2008
The article discusses unutilized Ottoman source material, related both to the Janissary Corps and to the spread of Islam in the Ottoman Balkans. The author attempts to examine the "Janissaries-Islamisation" correlation in a broader sense--the concept of "social conversion" which was introduced by R.W. Bulliet some time ago. The social ...
Curran, Laura - - 2008
This essay discusses the experience of foster children in mid-century Philadelphia within the larger context of shifting expert narratives on foster care and changing casework practices. Based on an analysis of case records and administrative documents from the Philadelphia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (PSPCC) for the ...
Daalen, Rineke - - 2008
Children growing up today in meritocratic post-industrial societies encounter a variety of socialization regimes. The socializing tasks formerly mainly undertaken by parents have become differentiated and re-allotted. Nowadays these tasks are performed by a variety of people: a host of caretakers, counselors, teachers and educators. The appearance of each new ...
Ganaway, Bryan - - 2008
Ganaway argues that toys allowed millions of comfortably situated Germans to participate in a debate in Imperial Germany about the role modern technology would play in shaping the ideal middle-class citizen. Germany's nascent consumer culture easily facilitated this argument. Entrepreneurs envisioned the ideal German as a masculine engineer controlling human ...
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