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Hyvonen, Heli - - 2008
This article, which is based on 24 in-depth interviews conducted in 2005 with Finnish immigrant women in Estonia, analyzes immigrant acculturation in relation to cross-border contacts. I compared weak and strong social ties of two groups: respondents who were living in a Finnish 'enclave' separated from Estonian society, and respondents ...
Pelkonen, Antti - - 2008
During the last two decades, Finland has experienced an extensive societal transformation in which the Nordic welfare state model has been challenged by economic turbulences and globalisation. At the same time, the building of an information society, in which there is a growing emphasis on economic competitiveness and knowledge-intensive production, ...
Vainik, Ene - - 2008
The aim of the study was to test the hypothesis that the way of approaching Estonian concepts of emotion may influence their emergent structure. One hundred participants assessed the semantics of 24 words in two different tests that provided access to the concepts from two different levels of representation of ...
Nurmoja, Merle - - 2008
The primary goal of this paper is to investigate whether interrogative suggestibility is related to certain personality traits in an Estonian sample of subjects (N = 61; 20 men and 41 women; mean age = 20.6 years; SD = 2.98). Results show that the means and standard deviations for different ...
Pennington, Bernard - - 2008
Academic writing can fill pre- and post-registration students with fear and dread. Students often construct written work around re-worded passages from their sources. This results in poor quality work, low marks and frustration. The aim of this article is to inform students embarking on courses in higher education about what ...
Modi, Neil - - 2008
Through the process of evolution, the position of the eyes within the head has moved from lateral to frontal. Although reducing the panoramic view afforded by the lateral positioning, this new arrangement allowed stereopsis (depth perception) (Hubel and Wiesel 1965).
Grainger, Hannah - - 2008
The use of Intraoperative Cell Salvage (ICS) is an important facet in establishing the recommendations of Better Blood Transfusion (DH 2007). Training in ICS often varies and has been identified as a challenge in the establishment of the routine use of ICS (UKCSAG 2007a). To help address this, the UK ...
Ellis, Harold - - 2008
Abraham, Jenny - - 2008
This literature review sets out to investigate the effectiveness of acupressure and acupuncture in preventing and managing postoperative nausea and vomiting (PONV) in adult patients. PONV is problematic, affecting patient satisfaction, delayed discharge and even patient re-admission. Current treatment of PONV constitutes a variety of drug therapies, which are only ...
Potter, Polyxeni - - 2008
Altekruse, Sean - - 2008
Angelakis, Emmanouil - - 2008
Nava, Santiago - - 2008
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