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Takahashi, Hiroshi - - 2012
- - 2012
Kiupel, Matti - - 2012
Ellis, Harold - - 2012
There is a commonly held belief that Percival Pott sustained that ankle fracture that bears his name. This probably is not true; the injury was more likely a fracture of the tibial shaft, as suggested by careful reading of the account of the accident left to us by his son-in-law.
Siddique, Khurram - - 2012
Lean thinking principles were utilised to set up 'One-stop cholecystectomy clinics' at which patients underwent the surgical and the preoperative assessment during the same visit. The main aims were to reduce the number of patient hospital visits, preoperative admissions and the waiting time to surgery. The results showed a significant ...
Wand, RJ - - 2012
Shoulder replacement surgery is employed in the treatment of severe shoulder arthritis and following some proximal humeral fractures. Three different replacements are available: hemiarthroplasty (HAS), total shoulder replacement (TSR) and reverse shoulder replacement (RSR). HAS and TSR are indicated in patients with intact rotator cuffs and RSR for cuff deficient ...
Rymaruk, Sophy - - 2012
High risk general surgical patients account for the largest proportion of surgical deaths. There is concern from the Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCSEng) and National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcome and Death (NCEPOD) that these patients may receive suboptimal care. Patients undergoing an emergency laparotomy were identified and ...
Thomas, Laura - - 2012
Kennedy, Erin - - 2012
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