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Trota, Michi - - 2011
Hardcastle, Timothy - - 2011
This brief literature review examines the causes of missed injury, the typical clinical pictures that are associated with missed injury and techniques and procedures to help avoid missing injury in the light of the recent literature, while highlighting the cost implications for clinicians.
Surridge, Daniel - - 2011
Togo, A. - - 2011
A 27-year-old woman, gravida 1, was seen at our surgical emergency department with abdominal pain at 25 weeks' gestation. She had pain, nausea and vomiting, a temperature of 37[degrees]C and a blood pressure of 100/70 mmHg. The cervix was closed, and an ultrasound scan showed a normal single fetus. A ...
Stewart, W.W.D. - - 2011
Introduction. Caring for trauma patients is a dynamic process, and it is often necessary to move the trauma patient around the hospital to different locations. This study attempted to document the quality of observations performed on acute trauma patients as they moved through the hospital during the first 24 hours ...
Ntloko, S. - - 2011
Background. Inflammatory myofibroblastic tumours (IMFTs) are rare tumours characterised by nosologic, histogenetic and aetiopathogenetic controversy and variable clinicopathological features. We report our experience with intestinal-IMFTs (I-IMFTs) that have been reported mainly as single case reports to date.
Liu, L. - - 2011
Purpose. The aim of this study was to evaluate the long-term outcomes of laparoscopic total mesorectal excision in the treatment of advanced rectal cancer in a randomised population.
Mills, Robert - - 2011
This study reports on the surgical anatomy and technique of perineal repair in a selected group of parous women with faecal incontinence and/or difficulty in evacuation. Anal sphincter muscle damage is usually attributed to childbirth, although most of these women present for the first time years later.
Theodorou, P. - - 2011
Objective. Assaults by burning occur infrequently and are related to the social circumstances and demographics of each population. We aimed to explore the mechanisms, complications, morbidity and mortality associated with assault burn injuries admitted to the Burns Intensive Care Unit of Merheim University Hospital in Cologne.
Rogers, A.D. - - 2011
The International Society for Burns Injuries (ISBI) has published guidelines for the management of multiple or mass burns casualties, and recommends that 'each country has or should have a disaster planning system that addresses its own particular needs.' The need for a national burns disaster plan integrated with national and ...
Muckart, David - - 2011
Dickson, Emily - - 2011
Lording, Ros - - 2011
McLaughlin, Marie - - 2011
Breastfeeding and breastmilk are essential to hospitalised infants and young children and paediatric nurses are required to have breastfeeding knowledge. However, few studies have investigated paediatric nurses' knowledge and attitudes towards breastfeeding. A descriptive, cross-sectional survey design was used to investigate breastfeeding knowledge, knowledge related to breastfeeding the hospitalised infant, ...
Bliss, Rosalie - - 2011
Comis, Don - - 2011
Batten, Lesley - - 2011
Help-seeking is an active process used by people of all ages to obtain assistance to solve problems. This research sought to investigate a component of help-seeking related to health concerns. A health related help-seeking model, was adapted to frame questions for an anonymous, self-administered questionnaire. Seventy-five students aged between 16 ...
Wong, Grace - - 2011
Nurses in New Zealand are expected to provide the Ministry of Health recommended ABC approach to smoking cessation interventions; but not all nurses receive adequate preparation. A national online survey was conducted to investigate the extent that smoking cessation education content is included in undergraduate nursing curricula in New Zealand's ...
Rodgers, Vivien - - 2011
This paper reports an exploratory New Zealand study comparing student nurses' attitudes towards older people before and after an introductory nursing paper that included gerontology theory and clinical practice in an aged care setting. Health professionals are exposed to ageist attitudes that permeate Western societies. Theoretical content and clinical experiences ...
Scott, Susan - - 2011
A key focus of concern in relation to the future shape of the nursing workforce internationally and nationally has been the perceived high attrition rate of graduates. This concern has been accompanied by a plethora of literature on graduate transition to practice. Many of the studies have been carried out ...
Wilson, Denise - - 2011
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