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Latham, Stephen - - 2010
Dresser, Rebecca - - 2010
Solyom, Antal - - 2010
Genel, Myron - - 2010
Macpherson, Cheryl - - 2010
Dreger, Alice - - 2010
Kaebnick, Gregory - - 2010
Gilbert, Susan - - 2010
Campbell, Sandra - - 2010
This theoretical paper provides information on the strengths and weaknesses of both the qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods research approaches and seeks to guide those who wish to engage in the research process. The qualitative research approach is explained and compared with the quantitative approach which allows the novice nephrology ...
Smitham, Lorraine - - 2010
Chronic renal failure is a complex condition in which a plethora of psychological and physiological complications may occur and for which haemodialysis is one treatment option. Patients at Hampstead Dialysis Centre, South Australia, are offered the option to exercise whilst undergoing dialysis (intradialytic exercise) with the assistance of dedicated exercise ...
Hill, Kathleen - - 2010
Traditionally an upper limb arteriovenous fistula (AVF) or arteriovenous graft (AVG) is the first choice for vascular access for haemodialysis. For the group of patients unable to maintain a functioning access the use of a long term central venous dialysis catheter (CVDC) has been necessary. This case study describes an ...
Chadwick, Martin - - 2010
Bleakley, C.M. - - 2010
Bleakley CM, O'Connor SR, Tully MA, Rocke LG, MacAuley D, Bradbury I, Keegan S and McDonough SM (2010): Effect of accelerated rehabilitation on function after ankle sprain: randomised controlled trial BMJ May 10; 340:c1964. doi: 10.1136/bmj.c1964. (Abstract prepared by Stafford Thompson)
Sachs, R.A. - - 2010
Sachs RA, Lin D, Stone ML, Paxton E and Kuney M (2007): Can the need for future surgery for acute traumatic anterior shoulder dislocation be predicted? Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery 89(A): 1665-1674. (Abstract prepared by Margie Olds)
Murdoch, Fiona - - 2010
Older people, especially that portion aged over 85 years, are intensive users of healthcare resources, experiencing high rates and prevalence of chronic illness, disability and co-morbidity compared to other age demographic groups in the population. As the number of 'older old' people rises in the immediate future, the demand on ...
Ang, Alethea - - 2010
A high rate of inappropriate patient sexual behaviour (IPSB) has been reported to occur towards healthcare professionals and is associated with adverse consequences. This study aimed to: (i) determine the incidence and nature of IPSB experienced by physiotherapy students; (ii) compare students' responses to vignettes pertaining to sexual professional boundaries ...
McGregor, Lesley - - 2010
This case report presents the physiotherapy management and mobility retraining of an 81-year-old woman with a non-traumatic incomplete spinal cord injury, secondary to spinal cord infarction. There is little evidence to direct mobility retraining following spinal cord infarction and non-traumatic incomplete spinal cord injury, so a functionally based approach to ...
Hay-Smith, Jean - - 2010
Purpose: To illustrate the importance of selecting outcome measures congruent with treatment goals.
MacDonald, Allan - - 2010
Tayler, I.A. - - 2010
Nicholls, David - - 2010
- - 2010
Schmeler, Mark - - 2010
Brayman, Sara - - 2010
Montgomery, Sheri - - 2010
Stav, Wendy - - 2010
Schell, Barbara - - 2010
Geusgens, Chantal - - 2010
OBJECTIVE. We examined the effect of switching from a familiar to an unfamiliar setting on household task performance in healthy adults. We also examined the influence of the cognitive functions abstract reasoning and memory on the ability to adapt to different environments.
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