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Muir, Alanna - - 2009
The objective of this narrative review is to systematically evaluate whether practice of a complex motor task results in greater neuroplastic changes than practice of a simple motor task. A systematic literature search was conducted using Ovid, Evidence Based Medicine Reviews, Allied and Complementary Medicine, OINAHL, MEDLINE, PsychINFO, and EBSOOhost ...
Luxford, Bernadette - - 2009
Physiotherapy is an important component in the conservative management of infants with congenital muscular torticollis (CMT). Recommendations in the literature cover a broad range of interventions but the type of assessments and treatments utilised in current clinical practice is not clear. This study aimed to determine the current physiotherapy management ...
Thompson, Rebekah - - 2009
Background: More time spent in therapy, and more intensive physiotherapy input, are associated with better outcomes.
Dickson, Bridget - - 2009
Clinical observations indicated differences in inpatient interdisciplinary team functioning in the rehabilitation of clients with somatoform disorder. The aim was to explore the experiences of interdisciplinary team members involved in the rehabilitation of clients with somatoform disorder. A qualitative methodology, Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis, was used to provide insight into the ...
Nicholls, David - - 2009
In 2005, Nicholls and Larmer argued in this journal that the culture of physiotherapy practice in New Zealand was undergoing radical transformation brought on by the rapidly changing economy of health care. In 2007, a paper by Reid and Larmer picked up on many of these arguments in its analysis ...
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