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Pastor, Helena - - 2008
Gildfind, Helen - - 2008
Bleakley, Kathleen - - 2008
Licari, Rosanna - - 2008
Dunsford, Cathie - - 2008
Gildfind, Helen - - 2008
Kearney, Julie - - 2008
Trocki, Karen - - 2008
Prior research has found heavier drinking and alcohol-related problems to be more prevalent in sexual minority populations, particularly among women. It has been suggested that differences may be explained in part by socializing in bars and other public drinking venues. This study explores gender, sexual orientation and bar patronage in ...
Ta, Van - - 2008
Information about and understanding of Native Hawaiian substance abuse and utilization of substance abuse treatment services is limited. This article reviews the literature on the prevalence and factors associated with substance abuse and use of health services among Native Hawaiian women in the U.S. The literature review included three review ...
Messina, Nena - - 2008
Women report extensive histories of childhood abuse, often leading to addiction. Studies assessing the same effects for men are lacking. This study describes childhood adverse events (CAEs) among methamphetamine (MA)-dependent men and women and assesses the relationship of CAEs to the onset and severity of dependence. Baseline and three-year interview ...
Jessup, Martha - - 2008
Despite serious health consequences from high rates of smoking among perinatal women, smoking cessation and/or nicotine treatment practices have yet to be broadly adopted into perinatal substance abuse treatment settings. This correlational cross-sectional survey examined tobacco-related policies, practices, knowledge, and attitudes of 31 directors of perinatal residential substance abuse treatment ...
Grella, Christine - - 2008
In the past three decades, there has been increased recognition of the role of gender in influencing the course of substance use and treatment utilization. Concurrently, a substantial body of research on gender-related issues and substance abuse and its treatment has developed. This article reviews (1) policy initiatives that led ...
Covington, Stephanie - - 2008
Historically, substance abuse treatment has developed as a single-focused intervention based on the needs of addicted men. Counselors focused only on the addiction and assumed that other issues would either resolve themselves through recovery or would be dealt with by another helping professional at a later time. However, treatment for ...
Covington, Stephanie - - 2008
There is growing recognition of the complex needs of women with dual diagnoses of substance abuse and mental health disorders. Recent research indicates that 55% to 99% of women with co-occurring disorders have experienced trauma from abuse and that abused women tend to engage in self-destructive behaviors. These women often ...
Brown, Vivian - - 2008
Over the past two decades, substance abuse and mental health treatment systems have continued to define and refine interventions for co-occurring disorders (COD) for women. However, there is still a need for improvement of treatment and referral services for women with co-occurring disorders. This article presents data from studies of ...
Cheng, Guang-Shing - - 2008
Lederer, Susan - - 2008
Kaebnick, Gregory - - 2008
Parens, Erik - - 2008
Westhorpe, R.N. - - 2008
Mullins, G. - - 2008
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