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Rossi, Daniel - - 2008
Coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery is performed 350,000 times annually in the United States, making it one of the most commonly performed major operations. A 1-2% stroke rate, which includes spinal artery infarct, is associated with CABG primarily in the elderly population (1). Spinal cord infarction is infrequent, but ...
Bailey, Mary - - 2008
Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) occurs from the violent shaking of an infant, which may lead to brain damage or death. The goal of this study was to assess educational methods used to teach new mothers about SBS.
Zaslau, Stanley - - 2008
Purpose: The degree of sexual dysfunction in patients with Painful Bladder Syndrome (PBS) has not been documented previously. The Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) was used to measure the degree of female sexual dysfunction (FSD) in these patients.
Gaziano, Dominic - - 2008
West Virginia, for the past one hundred fifty years has adapted to the changing character of tuberculosis. The historical factors that influenced the changes from isolation of infected patients to mainstream treatment of tuberculosis are chronicled in this report. West Virginia, with its organized public health system and favorable demographics ...
Sebert, Stephen - - 2008
- - 2008
Pechlivani, Fani - - 2008
- - 2008
Coffield, Karen - - 2008
This paper presents an evaluation of the City of Kingston Breastfeeding Support Service that was performed in 2006. The evaluation utilised a mail-out questionnaire designed to investigate mothers' breastfeeding expectations, experiences, issues and support received, in addition to their experience of using the Service. Seventy-seven percent of mothers contacted the ...
Cole, T. - - 2008
Keywords: breastfeeding, growth reference, growth standards, height, weight
Cattaneo, Adriano - - 2008
Keywords: exclusive breastfeeding, infant growth, WHO Child Growth Standards, World Health Organization
Binns, Colin - - 2008
Keywords: complementary foods, exclusive breastfeeding, growth reference, infant growth, World Health Organization
McMain, Lorraine - - 2008
Acute pain is a predominant feature of the perioperative experience for the majority of patients. This paper aims to describe the adverse effects of poorly controlled acute, postoperative pain and provides an overview of the organisational aspects involved in pain management in hospitals. Following this there will be an examination ...
Ellis, Harold - - 2008
As a young surgeon in the early 1950s, I trained in various orthopaedic units. Much of the work was concerned with children and young adults suffering from two devastating diseases: tuberculosis and poliomyelitis. These were to vanish almost entirely from our hospitals soon afterwards, thanks to Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG), antibiotics ...
Brown, Donna - - 2008
The assessment and management of pain in the acute hospital setting is an important issue for practitioners (Layman Young et al 2005). Despite advances in pain management (Fotiadis et al 2004, Powell et al 2004, Wu & Richman 2004) and the use of multimodal analgesic techniques in the theatre/recovery environment ...
Briggs, Emma - - 2008
Bedouin women tend to remain quiet and expressionless while giving birth despite reporting high levels of pain and fear (Harrison 1991). Culture undoubtedly influences pain perception and expression but there are dangers in making assumptions about particular groups. This article explores the underlying research and the complex clinical picture highlighting ...
Bourne, Nicola - - 2008
Managing acute pain in opioid tolerant patients can be a significant challenge. This article will provide an overview of the terminology used when managing acute pain in these patients. This understanding is essential to ensure adequate pain relief while avoiding opioid withdrawal. It is also crucial that these patients are ...
Ashley, Elizabeth - - 2008
The treatment of pain continues to be a major concern in the critically ill patient. Despite advances in pain management, a greater understanding of the mechanisms of pain and advanced methods of analgesic delivery, the treatment of pain is not always a priority on the intensive care unit. Difficulties with ...
Clifton, Alison - - 2008
Knox, Nicola - - 2008
Young, Cathy - - 2008
Tracy, Marion - - 2008
Tracy, Marion - - 2008
Scholes, Nicola - - 2008
Khokar, Misbah - - 2008
Hames, Sara - - 2008
Lazaroff, Tamara - - 2008
Lazaroff, Tamara - - 2008
Woodhouse, Jena - - 2008
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