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Collin, Jonathan - - 2012
Silbert, M.V. - - 2012
Kruger, Christian - - 2012
Adegoke, Samuel - - 2012
Background. Severe anaemia (haemoglobin concentration <50 g/l) is a major cause of paediatric hospital admissions and deaths in the tropics.
Clouse, Kate - - 2012
Xpert MTB/RIF (Xpert) offers rapid detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and rifampicin resistance. However, little is known about routine point-of-care (POC) use in high TB/HIV burden settings. We describe our experiences of launching Xpert as the POC, initial diagnostic for all TB suspects at a primary healthcare clinic in Johannesburg, South ...
Deetlefs, E. - - 2012
Background. Potent immunosuppressive therapy is standard treatment for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) but carries a risk of reactivating latent tuberculosis (TB). No data exist on the burden of TB in South African patients with IBD.
Becker, Juanita - - 2012
Background. Many patients present to an emergency centre (EC) with problems that could be managed at primary healthcare (PHC) level. This has been noted at George Provincial Hospital in the Western Cape province of South Africa.
Gerritsen, Annette - - 2012
Background. The Foundation for Professional Development (FPD) collects information annually on HIV/AIDS service provision and estimates service needs in the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality (CTMM).
Moosa, Shabir - - 2012
Background. The introduction of national health insurance (NHI) is an important debate in South Africa, with affordability and institutional capacity being the key issues. NHI costing has been dominated by estimates of exorbitant cost. However, capitation is not only a different payment system but also a different service delivery model, ...
Nyakale, N.E. - - 2012
A 27-year-old neurologically disabled but fully conscious male zolpidem-responder patient was investigated for blood-brain barrier (BBB) dysfunction 5 years after a traumatic brain injury. A baseline single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) technetium-99m-labelled hexamethylpropylene amine oxime ([.sup.99m] TcHMPAO) brain scan was performed and the patient was administered 10 mg zolpidem daily. ...
Jansen, Rita-Marie - - 2012
In the South African health care system patients/consumers are divided into those who can afford private care and those who rely on state medical assistance. The system is under pressure to fund delivery of medical care to its beneficiaries. We consider the effects of different funding models on medicolegal liability ...
Schoon, M.G. - - 2012
South Africa is struggling to improve maternal and perinatal outcomes, resulting in failure to achieve the Millennium Goal for maternal health. Staff attitudes and skills have been identified as a factor affecting deaths and adverse outcomes in mothers. Huge training efforts are required from health departments to ensure that staff ...
- - 2012
Mankazana, E.M. - - 2012
Caldwell, Robert - - 2012
- - 2012
Woods, Jennifer - - 2012
Carroll, V. - - 2012
Lorbiecke, Rene - - 2012
The growth of pollen tubes is one of the most characteristic events in angiosperm reproduction. This article describes an activity for visualizing the journey and guidance of pollen tubes in the reproductive structures of a flowering plant. The activity uses a semi-in vivo system with rapid-cycling Brassica rapa, also known ...
DeFina, Anthony - - 2012
I propose three guided questions for reflection as a jumpstart organizational formula for students with poor writing application skills to follow when responding to an open-ended question. The recipe prescribes that the student (1) understand the question design, (2) identify the intent or objective of the question, and (3) proceed ...
Lauer, Antje - - 2012
We designed a microbiology project that fully engaged undergraduate biology students, high school students, and their teachers in a summer research program as part of the Research Education Vitalizing Science University Program conducted at California State University Bakersfield. Modern molecular biological methods and microscopy were used to detect and identify ...
Robinson, David - - 2012
The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is a powerful immunological technique for quantifying small amounts of compounds and has been used in research and clinical settings for years. Although there are laboratory exercises developed to introduce the ELISA technique to students, their ability to promote student learning has not been thoroughly ...
Lenz, Laura - - 2012
In today's global society, with science and technology advancing at a rapid pace, issues about biological topics are common. A typical standards-based high school or general college-level biology classroom naturally lends itself to teaching issue-oriented science. In an issue-oriented classroom, students analyze and discuss personal, societal, and global issues that ...
Bybee, Rodger - - 2012
The release of A Framework for K-12 Science Education: Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Core Ideas (NRC, 2012) provides the basis for the next generation of science standards. This article first describes that foundation for the life sciences; it then presents a draft standard for natural selection and evolution. Finally, there ...
Batorsky, Roberta - - 2012
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