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Berman, Brian - - 2011
Smith, Samantha - - 2011
Taliep, Mogammad - - 2011
objectives. This study investigated the difference in performance of white (W), coloured/Indian (C/I) and black African (BA) cricket batsmen at a junior provincial level in South Africa over a period of 7 years.
Derman, Wayne - - 2011
Hamstring injuries are common in jumping and sprinting athletes. This case series documents acute grade I-II hamstring injuries in two Paralympic athletes. These athletes were able to transcend their injuries to compete 4 and 6 days after injury to attain personal best achievements.
Nolte, Kim - - 2011
objective. To compare the effects of a 3-month land- and water-based exercise programme among rheumatoid arthritis (RA) sufferers.
Rogers, Matthew - - 2011
objective. To compare clinic-based (CB) and home-based (HB) deliveries of a knee osteoarthritis (OA) exercise programme.
Potgieter, Sunita - - 2011
Objective. The aim of this study was to determine body composition, dietary intake and supplement use among Olympic and Ironman distance triathletes residing in the Western Cape.
Havemann, Lize - - 2011
objective. The primary aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of disordered eating (DE) behaviour and menstrual disorders in a group of provincial-to-national level student netball players. The secondary aim was to examine the relationship between body composition, energy intake, DE and menstrual patterns in student netball players.
Lambert, Mike - - 2011
Saha, Rajat - - 2011
Alfalfa is the largest consumer of water among all crops in California. It is generally flood-irrigated, so any system that decreases runoff can improve irrigation efficiency and conserve water. To more accurately manage the water flow at the tail (bottom) end of the field in surface-irrigated alfalfa crops, we developed ...
Morandin, Lora - - 2011
Hedgerows of native California shrubs and perennial grasses bordering field crops were examined for the abundance of beneficial and pest insects compared with adjacent weedy areas. During 2 years of sampling in the Sacramento Valley, hedgerows attracted more beneficial than pest insects, while weedy areas showed the opposite trend, attracting ...
McCreary, Douglas - - 2011
Blue oak is regenerating poorly in portions of its range. Techniques to artificially regenerate trees by collecting acorns, growing seedlings in a nursery and then planting them are effective but costly. Improving the growth and survival rate of existing volunteer seedlings in woodlands could be more cost efficient and therefore ...
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