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Long, Richard - - 2011
Wolfman, Darcy - - 2011
Bolan, Cristen - - 2011
Coleman, Brenden - - 2011
Thorneycroft, Simon - - 2011
Morley, Mary - - 2011
Health policy requires occupational therapy to demonstrate evidence-based clinical outcomes and efficiency in order to survive. This has significant implications for occupational therapy researchers and managers and suggests a re-evaluation of the profession's priorities for research. This opinion piece aims to stimulate debate regarding the impact of occupational science on ...
Toit, Sanet - - 2011
The profession of occupational therapy faces the challenge of introducing research as an occupation to undergraduate students. Occupational therapists value occupation, the influence of the environment and the role of culture within a specific environment. Therefore, these aspects should be considered not only when working with clients but also when ...
Cote, Carol - - 2011
Purpose: The purpose of this study was to compare scores on the Visual Memory subtest of the Test of Visual Perceptual Skills, Third Edition, with those on a Draw-from-Memory task.
Kristensen, Hanne - - 2011
Purpose: This study investigated the facilitation of evidence-based practice with the use of everyday life occupations and client-centred practice within occupational therapy in three settings of stroke rehabilitation.
Fitzgerald, Martin - - 2011
Introduction: The rehabilitation of forensic service users with serious mental illness is an emerging specialism in occupational therapy. However, there is little evidence to support the development of this role. Government white papers and guidelines recommend a rehabilitation process that involves a social inclusion agenda and the literature supports the ...
Engel-Yeger, Batya - - 2011
Purpose: Growing evidence exists regarding the relationship between sensory processing and affective disorders. However, most of this evidence relates to children. This study aimed to explore the relationship between positive/negative affect and sensory processing patterns as expressed in daily situations among healthy adults.
Poder, Thomas - - 2011
This paper describes a comparative study of clinical coding by Archivists (also known as Clinical Coders in some other countries) using single and dual computer monitors. In the present context, processing a record corresponds to checking the available information; searching for the missing physician information; and finally, performing clinical coding. ...
Mair, Judith - - 2011
As part of every private healthcare practice and healthcare facility, documentation of patients' healthcare, diagnoses and treatment are an ongoing requirement with legal connotations. The question that may arise is whether copyright can subsist in patient medical records, and if so, what benefit may arise from ownership of such copyright.
Lloyd, Sheree - - 2011
This paper describes current progress for an information management project in a medium-sized rural hospital after the first four months of the one-year project. In particular, the article examines some of the project outcomes to date as these relate to the National Hospitals and Health Reform recommendations for the smart ...
Lam, Mary - - 2011
This record linkage study aims to examine the coding concordance of delivery outcome and discharge status between the New South Wales (NSW) Midwives Data Collection (MDC) and Admitted Patients Data Collection (APDC) as well as factors that contribute to hospital births not being recorded in the APDC. Births recorded in ...
Cummings, Elizabeth - - 2011
This paper investigates the coding of dementia in the episode of care in a pilot study group (N=48) post hospital discharge and the possible implications of under-coding. The assigned ICD-10-AM codes and Diagnosis Related Groups were reviewed. Results demonstrate under-coding of dementia and of cognitive deficits; poor correlation between admission ...
Took, Andrew - - 2011
Batt, Jean - - 2011
Taylor, Karen - - 2011
Daltrey, Julie - - 2011
Ritchie, Lorraine - - 2011
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