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Grantham, Dennis G., - - 2010
- - 2010
- - 2010
Durham, Sharon - - 2010
Durham, Sharon - - 2010
Silverstein, Jeff - - 2010
Uzkuraitis, Carly - - 2010
Eastern Health, a large public Victorian Healthcare network, conducted a WIES optimisation audit across the casemix-funded sites for separations in the 2009/2010 financial year. The audit was conducted using existing staff resources and resulted in a significant increase in casemix funding at a minimal cost. The audit showcased the skill ...
Stewart, Ann - - 2010
The Clinical Documentation Project was piloted at one site in Greater Southern Area Health Service (GSAHS) in New South Wales; it aimed to improve the standard of clinical documentation by 50% between March and August 2005. The main intervention was the use of a Self Directed Documentation Learning Package (SDDLP). ...
Stainkey, Lesley - - 2010
Queensland Health is implementing a state-wide system to electronically generate and distribute discharge summaries. Previously, general practitioners (GPs) have indicated that the quality of the discharge summary does not support clinical handover. While the electronic system will address some issues (e.g. legibility and timeliness), the quality of the discharge summary ...
Walker, Sue - - 2010
Macpherson, Brooke - - 2010
When emergency and waiting list data are submitted by health services to the Victorian Department of Health they are not ready for immediate use. Data must undergo further edit and rule checks before they can be declared fit for purpose and made available for internal and external stakeholder use. Further ...
Baum, Scott - - 2010
The development of locally-based healthcare initiatives, such as community health coalitions that focus on capacity building programs and multi-faceted responses to long-term health problems, have become an increasingly important part of the public health landscape. As a result of their complexity and the level of investment, it has become necessary ...
Watson, Phyllis - - 2010
Murphy, Deirdre - - 2010
Recognition of skilled coders' work within the Irish health system is long overdue. A project being undertaken in Ireland now by the central office for coding at the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) is exploring ways to raise the coders' profile, promote a profession of clinical coders and ensure ...
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