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Durante, Jaclyn - - 2009
Objective: To present the diagnostic and clinical features of a ganglion cyst located on the posterior cruciate ligament and create awareness amongst clinicians of this uncommon diagnosis.
Chivers, Michael - - 2009
Objective: The objective of this study was to review the physical examination tests available to a practitioner in order to arrive at a clinical diagnosis or suspicion of a meniscal lesion.
Sajko, Sandy - - 2009
A 25-year-old male professional hockey player with right sided hip pain was diagnosed with myofascopathy of the right psoas major and rectus femoris. The patient maintained a conservative treatment regimen and was prescribed a four week active strengthening program. The program progressed from resisted concentric exercise to eccentric abduction/adduction exercises ...
Robb, Andrew - - 2009
This report documents retrospectively a case of Posterior Interosseous Neuropathy (PIN) occurring in an elite baseball pitcher experiencing a deep ache in the radial aspect of the forearm and altered sensation in the dorsum of the hand on the throwing arm during his pitching motion. The initial clinical goal was ...
Lee, Alexander - - 2009
Background: Stress fractures are troublesome injuries. Sites of occurrence are activity-related and specific anatomical sites are endemic to certain sports. Little is known about stress fracture patterns in golf.
Kissel, Peter - - 2009
Objective: To present the characteristics and create awareness of symptomatic carpal bossing and discuss potential etiologies and the role of conservative management through the presentation of an athlete with traumatic onset of symptomatic carpal bossing.
Kazemi, Mohsen - - 2009
This retrospective longitudinal study aims to describe reported Taekwondo injuries and to examine associations between competitor experience level, age and gender, and the type, location, and mechanism of injury sustained. Additionally, we examined whether recent rule changes concerning increased point value of head shots in adult Taekwondo competition had affected ...
Sims, Kevin - - 2009
Objective: To present an evidence-informed approach to the nonoperative management of a first-time, traumatic anterior shoulder dislocation.
Muir, Brad - - 2009
Exercise-related transient abdominal pain (ETAP) is more commonly known to athletes as a runner's stitch. Many athletes also report shoulder tip pain (STP) associated with the ETAP. Although widely known, ETAP remains under analyzed and under reported in the medical literature. Often thought of as benign and self-limiting, ETAP has ...
Coghlin, Craig - - 2009
Objective: The objective of this study was to assess the ability of hockey parents/guardians to recognize concussion symptoms in their 13-14 year old (Bantam-aged) children.
Kazemi, Mohsen - - 2009
White, Eleanor - - 2009
Lolli, Simona - - 2009
Objectives--Facing a wider use of neurodynamic testing in patient assessment, the physiotherapist should be aware of the reliability and diagnostic accuracy of these tests. The aim of this study is to highlight through a literature review, the diagnostic repeatability and accuracy of each neurodynamic test.
Ferrari, Silvano - - 2009
Osteoporosis is a medical problem which is increasing, due to the aging of the population. Osteoporotic fractures have important individual and social consequences, causing direct and indirect costs. Therefore it is important to identify factors that can prevent its onset.
Pillastrini, Paolo - - 2009
The Italian Academic system is changing in favour of a European model, in which all subjects will be common to all sanitary professions. At present, the sanitary professions include six specific subjects, but this will not probably be possible in the new context.
Della Valle, Craig - - 2009
Geara, Abdallah - - 2009
A 53-year-old female was admitted to the intensive care unit for lupus cerebritis; she had a 15-year history of stable lupus. Over the prior 1 to 2 months, the patient visited a tanning salon and this triggered the exacerbation of lupus. Her initial symptoms were cutaneous in the form of ...
Sileo, Michael - - 2009
A case of an isolated popliteus tendon rupture occurring during sport in a skeletally immature athlete is presented. Treatment is not always clearly defined, as both nonoperative and operative have been successful. Because the outcome of rest from sports activity and failed trials of physical therapy allowed continued discomfort in ...
Capello, William - - 2009
Total hip arthroplasty (THA) has been shown to be highly effective in ameliorating pain and increasing function in adults with end stage arthritis of the hip. Early studies of cemented THA in children with advanced hip disease reported poor results, but, more recently, results of cementless THA show greatly improved ...
Glassner, Philip - - 2009
This study consists of a single case report of a patient who had an irreducible obturator dislocation of a total hip arthroplasty after a motor vehicle accident, not previously described in the English literature. In particular, the focus will be on offering an educated opinion on the risk factors for ...
Rodriguez, Christopher - - 2009
Glenohumeral septic arthritis is rare and usually a result of Staphylococcus aureus infection. Gram-negative septic arthritis is on the increase and is usually associated with intraabdominal pathology. We present a case of bilateral E. Coli glenohumeral septic arthritis associated with retroperitoneal abscess and discuss pitfalls in diagnosis and management.
Brief, James - - 2009
Foot drop has many etiologies. One rarely mentioned and often neglected reason for foot drop is an acute inversion sprain of the ankle. Over the past 14 years, a collection of 32 cases of foot drop have been compiled in our orthopaedic andphysiatric practices. All cases had appropriate evaluations, including ...
Sanders, Samuel - - 2009
Two cases are presented in which adult, precontoured, lower-extremity periarticular locking plates were utilized for fixation of subtrochanteric femur fractures in pediatric patients. Recognition of the fact that a distal tibial locking plate in a small child and a proximal tibial locking plate in an adolescent anatomically fit the proximal ...
Mor, Adam - - 2009
The most common drugs currently in use that may cause myopathies were reviewed using the Medline database (U.S. National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, Maryland). Our review included results from epidemiologic and database surveys, clinical trials, and case reports. The clinical spectrum is wide, and presentations range from asymptomatic elevations in ...
Ozkan, Feyza - - 2009
Osteoarthritis, the most common joint disease in the world, is characterized by joint pain, stiffness, and limitation of range of motion. Osteoarthritis is a slowly progressive disease and its morbidity increases with age. The most commonly involved sites are the spine, knee, hip, and hand joints. Although the ideal treatment ...
Singh, Jaspal - - 2009
Prior studies and techniques for harvesting iliac crest bone have shown significant postoperative pain, disability, and poor cosmesis. This retrospective study was conducted to examine bone graft donor-site morbidity by evaluating functional outcomes in patients who have undergone a modified anterior harvesting approach. The medical charts and hospital records of ...
Kummer, Frederick - - 2009
Previous studies have suggested that femoral component positioning in resurfacing arthroplasty may affect strains in the femoral neck that could lead to decreased implant longevity, A strain gaged, Sawbones[R] model was used to determine the femoral neck strains for a variety of resurfacing head translations and angulations. We found that ...
Kwon, Young - - 2009
The subscapularis tendon, coracohumeral ligament, and transverse humeral ligament are all believed to contribute to biceps tendon stability within the bicipital groove. In order to examine the relative contribution of these soft tissue structures to proximal biceps tendon stability, 11 fresh frozen cadaveric shoulder specimens were prepared and mounted onto ...
Golant, Alexander - - 2009
Background: The Bio-Transfix pin is a biodegradable device used for femoral tunnel anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) graft fixation. Recent clinical studies have suggested the possibility of the pin's postoperative failure.
Rizzello, Giacomo - - 2009
Results of arthroscopic management of chronic, recalcitrant calcific tendinopathy of the shoulder in 28 patients were evaluated. Twenty-six patients (average age, 44 years) were ultimately enrolled in the study. Postoperative radiographs were performed to determine the amount of calcium deposit removal. Radiographic examination 2 months after surgery was performed to ...
Falciglia, Francesco - - 2009
Background: The relationship of physiologic laxity to age has been reported in only cross-sectional studies. The current investigators suggest further investigations, to include Tanner staging in order to understand the extent to which increases in maturity influence alterations in laxity.
Davidovitch, Roy - - 2009
Ankle stability in ankle fractures is dependent on multiple factors. The medial malleolus and the associated deltoid ligament provide for ankle stability on the medial side. Over the years, the relative importance of this medial malleolar osteoligamentous complex (MMOLC) has been debated. This review will describe the evolution of ankle ...
Egol, Kenneth - - 2009
Background: Management of chronic posttraumatic osteomyelitis remains an important challenge in orthopaedics. In this investigation, 43 patients at a large university hospital were retrospectively identified who had been diagnosed with chronic osteomyelitis at 44 sites.
Worsley, Jean - - 2009
Leonard, Bill - - 2009
Flannery, Maura - - 2009
Halverson, Kristy - - 2009
MacKenzie, Ann - - 2009
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