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Weerdesteyn, Vivian - - 2008
Perell-Gerson, Karen - - 2008
Silbert, Mossie - - 2008
Stupart, Douglas - - 2008
Objective. Oral and long case clinical examinations are open to subjective influences to some extent, and students may be marked unfairly as a result of gender or racial bias or language problems. These concerns are of topical relevance in South Africa. The purpose of this study was to assess whether ...
Karpelowsky, J.S. - - 2008
Aim. Bacille Calmette-Guerin (BCG) immunisation is well established as part of the South African national expanded programme for immunisation (EPI). The World Health Organization (WHO) currently recommends that BCG be given to all asymptomatic infants irrespective of HIV exposure at birth but does not recommend BCG vaccination for children with ...
Fabian, June - - 2008
Objective. There are limited data on symptomatic hyperlactataemia caused by antiretroviral therapy (ART) in resource-limited settings. We assessed individuals who developed symptomatic hyperlactataemia on ART in an outpatient clinic in South Africa.
Connolly, Catherine - - 2008
Objective. To investigate the nature of male circumcision and its relationship to HIV infection.
Retief, Francois - - 2008
Cullis, Sydney - - 2008
- - 2008
van Niekerk, J.P. de - - 2008
Pritchett, Kelly - - 2008
Objective. To evaluate the effects of two different pre-exercise feeding schedules (15 minutes and 60 minutes prior to exercise) of a mixed-nutrient nutritional bar on blood glucose levels and subsequent intermittent, high-intensity cycling performance.
Derman, Wayne - - 2008
This descriptive study was undertaken to report the medications used by the athletes and officials of Team South Africa at the 2004 Olympic Games and to provide a model for the estimation of quantities to be used for planning support to future events.
Derman, Wayne - - 2008
Objective. This descriptive study was undertaken to document the nature of medical and injury consultations of the athletes and officials of the South African Team at the 2004 Olympic Games, and to provide data for planning future events.
Posthumus, Michael - - 2008
As with any contact sport, rugby union has a high risk of injury. The majority of injuries result from contact phases of play such as the tackle, taking the ball into contact, the scrum, the lineout and the ruck and maul. Many techniques associated with a reduced risk of injury ...
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