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Macgregor, Charlotte - - 2012
This paper explores the relationship between the ideas of Minkowski, a psychiatrist working at the beginning of the 19th century, Sartre, a key existential philosopher, and depression. Minkowski's exploration of the time dimension and Sartre's writings on choice, responsibility and self-construction are considered in relation to depression and psychotherapy.
O'Connor, Ciaran - - 2012
This paper considers Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis in light of a dichotomy between age as a font of wisdom and experience, and, conversely, as a gruesome fate for those that survive youth. It is inspired by my counselling work with disability and infirmity.
Apostolidou, Zoe - - 2012
This paper explores some of the areas of convergence between Tao and Heidegger's thought. More specifically, the analysis touches upon the different manners in which the concepts of totality and interdependence, and being and nothing are encountered in Tao and Heidegger's work and how they are reflected in therapeutic practice.
Paidoussis-Mitchell, Chloe - - 2012
This study explores the lived experiences of six traumatically bereaved women. The participants were interviewed and the data was analysed using a Descriptive Phenomenological approach. Five main themes emerged which revealed the phenomenology of Traumatic Bereavement and an existential model for therapeutic work was proposed.
Hickes, Mike - - 2012
This paper attempts to describe two approaches to psychotherapy: Existential-Phenomenological Psychotherapy (EPP) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), in the context of the governance role of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) and its demand for evidence-based practice, exploring how the two modalities interact with each other, where ...
Serning, Niklas - - 2012
Humans naturally interface transparently with tools, thus extending through them. Advancing technology has finally produced tools that begin to match our capacities, integrating them more transparently with our minds. We move from tool users towards cybernetic minds, taking our unique human neuroplasticity to the next level.
Madison, Greg - - 2012
This brief article is designed primarily to continue the dialogue started at the annual SEA conference held in London in November 2011. Below I present some predictions about the evolution of human life on earth. I ask what role existential therapists might have in responding to these developments, if they ...
du Plock, - - 2012
Wineinger, Joanne - - 2012
Wineinger, Joanne - - 2012
Wineinger, Joanne - - 2012
Wineinger, Joanne - - 2012
Hill, Nanette - - 2012
Kihs, Linda - - 2012
Trota, Michi - - 2012
Chouinard, Christopher - - 2012
Claypool, David - - 2012
Deaver, Maurice - - 2012
Lozada-Leoni, Juan - - 2012
Rubenstein, David - - 2012
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