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Burrack, Hannah - - 2011
The olive fruit fly was first detected in Los Angeles in 1998 and in all the olive-growing regions of California soon after. Following its initial detection, UC researchers and Cooperative Extension farm advisors, county agricultural commissioners and the California Department of Food and Agriculture Pest Detection and Emergency Project established ...
Collins, Richard - - 2011
Keith, Karen - - 2011
Rubenstein, David - - 2011
Kahn, Jack - - 2011
In the last twenty years, research has indicated that men as a social group are experiencing disproportionate difficulties in higher education. Typically, these problems have been addressed by investigating men as a homogenous sex, rather than employing gender awareness approaches that try to understand how the meaning of masculinity impacts ...
Meltzer, Andrea - - 2011
The stereotype that men are less nurturing than women frequently leads people to evaluate men less favorably than they evaluate equivalent women in situations that require nurturance and care. Nevertheless, theories of expectancy-violation suggest that such stereotypes may lead people to evaluate men who are unambiguously nurturing in such situations ...
Eguchi, Shinsuke - - 2011
A selection of literature suggests that gay Asian men are considered unattractive and undesirable, because they are socially positioned as "feminine" in the gendered hierarchy of White centered hegemonic masculinity among gay men. However, the author questions why the discourse of oppression is the only way to interpret performative aspects ...
Poluyko, Kristen - - 2011
This article examines issues of homosexuality, masculinity, class, and identity as they pertain to the Anthony Minghella's film, The Talented Mr. Ripley, particularly its troubled lead character, Tom Ripley. Through the use of jazz improvisation, I argue that Tom Ripley, Othered due to his homosexuality and class status, is able ...
McMahon, Sarah - - 2011
The bystander approach suggests that individuals can intervene to interrupt situations leading to violence and has previously been used in sexual assault prevention. This article applies the bystander approach to interpersonal violence. An exploratory study was conducted to assess a workshop designed to prevent intimate partner violence that utilized the ...
Quinan, Patty - - 2011
Background and objectives: Prevalent central venous catheter (CVC) rates among hemodialysis (HD) patients in Canada remain high. In October 2006, we implemented a three-step multidisciplinary quality improvement project in our in-centre HD unit. The primary objective was to convert 50% of suitable patients to arteriovenous fistulas (AVFs) or arteriovenous grafts ...
Brunier, Gillian - - 2011
Hawkes, Linda - - 2011
Lane, Ronda - - 2011
Lane, Ronda - - 2011
Lane, Ronda - - 2011
Kihs, Linda - - 2011
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