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Healey, Bernard - - 2010
The Institute of Medicine (1999) reports that as many as 98,000 patients die each year from preventable medical errors. According to Sultz and Young (2009) medical errors, especially in hospitals, have been a well known problem which commands very little attention by those in power in health care institutions. In ...
Farah, James - - 2010
The purpose of this study was to gain a more complete understanding of the factors that pertain to independent physician job satisfaction. This group of physicians consists of physicians who own their own practice or who are employed in a privately owned medical practice in the State of Florida.
Carraher, Shawn - - 2010
Pu, Rungsun - - 2010
This article describes how to use protein extraction, quantification, and analysis in the undergraduate teaching laboratory to engage students in inquiry-based, discovery-driven learning. Detailed instructions for obtaining proteins from animal tissues, using BCA assay to quantify the proteins, and data analysis are provided. The experimental procedure requires laboratory equipment and ...
Banschbach, Valerie - - 2010
This article provides both an experiment and a framework for discussion that students can use to compare the efficiency of producing ethanol by using corn versus sugarcane as a raw material.
Chung, Hui-min - - 2010
Authentic assessment exercises are similar to real-world tasks that would be expected by a professional. An authentic assessment in combination with an inquiry-based learning activity enhances students' learning and rehearses them for their future roles, whether as scientists or as informed citizens. Over a period of 2 years, we experimented ...
Riechert, Susan - - 2010
The national Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Education Initiative favors a curriculum shift from the compartmentalization of math and science classes into discrete subject areas to an integrated, multidisciplinary experience. Many states are currently implementing programs in high schools that provide greater integration of math, sciences, and technology. Program ...
Shodell, Michael - - 2010
It is certainly widely appreciated that there is much to be gained in the fertile crosstalk between science and history--whether bringing a historical perspective into the science classroom (Wieder, 2006) or a scientific perspective to the study of history (McElvaine, 2002; Smail, 2008). Perhaps the major impetus for using history ...
Plunkett, Andrea - - 2010
We propose an experimental model suitable for demonstrating allele frequency change in Drosophila melanogaster populations caused by selection against an easily scorable conditional lethal, namely recessive flightless alleles such as apterous and vestigial. Homozygotes for these alleles are excluded from reproduction because the food source used to establish each generation ...
Iyengar, Erika - - 2010
Flannery, Maura - - 2010
Ray, Darrell - - 2010
Optimal diet selection, a component of optimal foraging theory, suggests that animals should select a diet that either maximizes energy or nutrient consumption per unit time or minimizes the foraging time needed to attain required energy or nutrients. In this exercise, students simulate the behavior of foragers that either show ...
Beland, Kenneth - - 2010
Jaskot, Bunny - - 2010
Hartley, Melissa - - 2010
Sposato, Mark - - 2010
Zucker, Karin - - 2010
Czerw, Russell - - 2010
Nuti, Russell - - 2010
Steiner, Jean - - 2010
Yao, Stephanie - - 2010
O'Brien, Dennis - - 2010
- - 2010
Oliva-Esteve, Francisco - - 2010
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