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Parry, David - - 2010
In this paper I have explored the question "What makes me separate from another person?" by considering it in three different ways: firstly in terms of religion and the supernatural; secondly through the discourse of Martin Heidegger and his notions of thrownness and Dasein; thirdly through the discourse of Particle ...
Sadigh, Micah - - 2010
The Epic of Gilgamesh is considered as one of the first stories ever told, which dates back to approximately 3,000 B.C. Yet, this ancient story addresses some of the basic premises of existentialism, particularly as explored in the works of Kierkegaard, Buber, and Heidegger. This paper is an existential analysis ...
Gamsu, Marcia - - 2010
This paper examines Kierkegaard's figure of the knight of faith in Fear and Trembling (Kierkegaard, 2005). It discusses the significance of a defining passion, and shows how through both fully embracing and also renouncing this passion, it is possible to arrive at a position of faith. This faith is in ...
Bazzano, Manu - - 2010
Zen calls an accomplished practitioner a 'true person of no status'. 'No status' indicates the uncertainty of being thrown in the midst of an impermanent world. A 'true person' is open and vulnerable to the teachings of life itself.
Nanda, Jyoti - - 2010
This is a response to Maureen Cavill's paper written following the publication of mine entitled 'Mindfulness--A Lived Experience of Existential-Phenomenological Themes' (Nanda, 2009), in Existential Analysis 20.1: January 2009.
Cavill, Maureen - - 2010
I want to give a different interpretation of mindfulness to that given by Jyoti Nandi in her article, 'Mindfulness, A Lived Experience of Existential-Phenomenological Themes in Existential Analysis, 20:1, January 2009. My approach to the alternative reading of mindfulness is based on the lectures of Shunryu Suzuki Roshi in his ...
Fletcher, Roly - - 2010
Whilst human aggression is discussed widely in psychological literature, it is often discussed as if it is outside the control of the somewhat passive individual, who requires interventions to prevent or control it, implying that all aggression is pathological. Whilst this has its uses, it provides only a one-sided view, ...
Giorgi, Amedeo - - 2010
Phenomenology is a relatively new philosophy with some distinguishable features and when social scientists base their research methods on that perspective sometimes variations in methods take place that are attributed to phenomenology but the variations are not necessarily consistent with the phenomenological perspective nor with good scientific practices. When the ...
Plock, Simon - - 2010
- - 2010
Farren, Arlene - - 2010
The paper describes a secondary analysis of power in breast cancer survivors. The researcher examined three new research questions regarding power intensities, frequency, and form for a sample (n = 104) of extended stage breast cancer survivors. The theoretical perspective was Barrett's power theory. After approval by the researcher's university ...
Phillips, John - - 2010
Rogers' relative present is discussed in the context of traditional evolution and biblical creation. The new term of energyspirit is created as well as Homo pandimensionalis as evidence of the increasing pandimensional relative present awareness.
Bramlett, Martha - - 2010
Gleberzon, Brian - - 2010
Introduction; The process by which the jurisprudence course was restructured at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College is chronicled.
Gleberzon, Brian - - 2010
Introduction: the purpose of this study was to conduct a comparative audit of the jurisprudence and business management courses offered at a number of different accredited chiropractic colleges.
Rodine, Robert - - 2010
Lipid lowering drugs, such as statins, are commonly used to treat approximately 10 million Canadians affected by hypercholesterolemia. The most commonly experienced side-effect of statin medication is muscle pain. Statin induced myopathy consists of a spectrum of myopathic disorders ranging from mild myalgia to fatal rhabdomyolysis. The following is a ...
Kumka, Myroslava - - 2010
In the current anatomic study, special attention was given to the relationship of the posterior division of the obturator nerve to surrounding structures: the obturator canal and the fibromuscular and vascular structures of the medial thigh region. These intimate relationships may, in certain conditions, constitute critical sites of entrapment of ...
Kaminskyj, Adrienne - - 2010
Objective: To provide a review of the literature and rate the quality of published studies regarding chiropractic care, including spinal manipulation, for asthmatic patients.
Ball, Kimberly - - 2010
This article examines UFO-abduction narratives posted to online discussion fora, and argues that these narratives reflect millennial anxieties over an anticipated hyper-technological future figured as "alien." In particular, UFO-abduction narratives reflect concerns over developments in those technologies used to transmit information over space and time, i.e., technologies of tradition. These ...
McGaughey, Kerstin - - 2010
Food blogs are increasingly gaining importance not only in the virtual sphere but offline as well. This paper looks at the creation of identity and process of interaction in two German food blogs. Drawing on current theories of Internet and community space this paper will interpret what is occurring in ...
Smith, Christina - - 2010
Brummett, Barry - - 2010
Conners, Pamela - - 2010
This paper explores what happens to the narrative tradition and agency of vernacular communities when institutions intentionally provoke and deploy those communities' vernacular styles as a means to achieve political ends. An examination of how the AFL-CIO and ACORN collaborated to create an online video series using workers' stories in ...
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