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Blockman, Marc - - 2009
Kallistratos, Elias - - 2009
Background--Aim of the study
Bovicelli, Alessandro - - 2009
Endometrial carcinoma is the most common gynecological malignancy in Western countries and it is important to determine the genetic variants associated with disease since the genetic basis is poorly understood. Several molecular biological characteristics have been studied for their potential value in patient management.
Christodoulou, Irene - - 2009
Christodoulou, Irene - - 2009
* Background Orthopedic supports are used under control during hospitalization at orthopedic/surgical departments and during the follow up period of patients in physical therapy and rehabilitation departments. However, their use at home may become uncontrollable and compulsive. We present two typical cases of obsessive-compulsive behavior in 2 patients of different ...
Moghaddam, Mojdeh - - 2009
This systematic review highlights the significance of multidisciplinary approaches for studying preventive interventions for Alzheimer's disease (AD). The review features modern scientific techniques for studying AD onset and progression, with special attention to the joint contributions from the fields of neuroscience and public health. We emphasize the importance of early ...
Theodoratou, Maria - - 2009
* Aim of he study The strategies used by nurses in Greece to cope with occupational stress are investigated in this study.
Loffler-Stastka, Henriette - - 2009
* Background Disturbances in affect-experience or its regulation are common in mental and physical illnesses and are included among diagnostic criteria for many mental and psycho-somatic diseases. The level of emotional functioning influences health behavior and coping with illnesses.
Kirchengast, Sylvia - - 2009
* Aim of the study To assess the impact of mild depression on health related quality of life among healthy elderly.
Couvadelli, Barbara - - 2009
Nakwagala, Frederick - - 2009
A lot of research and debate has taken place on refusal of termination of life support systems in developed countries. Little however has been done from less developed nations with resource limited settings and in which the concepts of death and dying differ significantly from those of the West. These ...
Korzeniewski, Krzysztof - - 2009
Afghanistan is the country located in Central Asia which is characterized by the worst epidemiological parameters in the region, and also in the world. The illness profile is dominated by vector-, respiratory-, water- and food-borne diseases. Malnutrition is common. The situation can even be worse due to catastrophic disasters, mainly ...
Christodoulou, Irene - - 2009
Peal, Norma - - 2009
This literature review examines multidisciplinary programs that have been used in the past as well as strengths and weakness of various interdisciplinary team models. Focused on such teams as they relate to women's health, the literature review concludes with recommendations for the implementation of a successful holistic model of care. ...
Korzeniewski, Krzysztof - - 2009
Introduction--Aim of the study
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