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Adeosun, O.O. - - 2009
Problem statement: This study deals with strategic application of information and communication technology for effective service delivery in banking industry. Approach: This study emphasized on the advantages and disadvantages in using digital ICTs in banking activities for effective service delivery. Results: Solving complex problems in banking requires the expertise knowledge ...
Thuninart, Junlasun - - 2009
Problem statement: Northeastern labors used to live in the community cultures moved to work at the garment factory. The capitalism and the national economic and social development plan of Thailand were the causes. The policy of this plan was to make Thailand modern and emphasized development of an economic power. ...
- - 2009
Problem statement: The main objective of this study was to examine the causality relations between financial development, trade openness and economic growth (GDP) for the Turkish economy. Approach: In time series context, recently developed econometric techniques were used: namely the Augmented Dickey-Fuller (ADF) for unit root, Johansen and Juselius (JJ) ...
Haslinda, Abdullah - - 2009
Problem statement: In Malaysia, Human Resource Development (HRD) plays an important role in the economic development of the country. Despite government policies encouraging the implementation of HRD activities, as well as the substantial infrastructural and financial support provided, the benefits or outcomes of the HRD activities being implemented and provided ...
Ravipolsadtanan, Phiphaporn - - 2009
Problem statement: Thai people favored to eat Sweet Wild Trees (Phak Whan Pa). The wild trees naturally grew quite slowly in the forests. Their leaves, eaten as vegetables, could not meet market demand nationwide. Seedling was difficult and people were not interested in planting them. Support from government and/or public ...
Sunde, Tafirenyika - - 2009
Problem statement: The main objective of this study was to establish the determinants of intra industry trade between Zimbabwe and its trading partners in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region. The study was mainly motivated by the need to establish the type of goods that Zimbabwe trades with its ...
Rabaani, Ahmed bin Hamad - - 2009
Problem statement: Our earth suffers from many environmental problems which need to be tackled at the individual level, requiring individuals to develop those attitudes which will guide them to environmentally supportive behavior. The objectives of this study were to investigate (i) the attitudes of Sultan Qaboos University students to some ...
Ahmad, Abdul - - 2009
Problem Statement: Previous study showed that most of the adults especially from rural area they are not expert and do not have any knowledge in using computer. Besides that, they cannot afford to buy a computer at home. Due to this problem, Ministry if Rural Development organized the Computer Literacy ...
Saunders, Chris - - 2009
Bezuidenhout, Andries - - 2009
An analysis of the privatised steel monopoly ArcelorMittal's operations in South Africa is used to raise questions about the power of multinational corporations in relation to the state. The article focuses on the steel manufacturer's externalisation of environmental, social and economic costs onto communities and upstream consumers of steel. The ...
Trota, Michi - - 2009
Steyl, C. - - 2009
Objectives. Seriously ill patients often suffer from disorders of salt and water balance and present with clinical signs of either dehydration or oedema. The relationship of hypoalbuminaemia to oedema is complex and controversial and formed the central issue of this study.
Tumbo, J.M. - - 2009
Background. Rural areas in all countries suffer from a shortage of health care professionals. In South Africa, the shortage is particularly marked; some rural areas have a doctor-to-population ratio of 5.5:100 000. Similar patterns apply to other health professionals. Increasing the proportion of rural-origin students in faculties of health sciences ...
Madiba, T.E. - - 2009
Background. The procedure for prolapse and haemorrhoids (PPH) was introduced to address the postoperative pain following excisional haemorrhoidectomy (EH).
Hill, Paul - - 2009
Maritz, J. - - 2009
van den Ende, - - 2009
Marinus van den Ende was one of South Africa's most outstanding medical scientists. Jan, his eldest child, delivered the eponymous memorial lecture on 6 November 2007 on the 50th anniversary of the death of Marinus. Present also were Marinus van den Ende's widow, and his daughter Joan. Jan was 15 ...
Mcquoid-Mason, David - - 2009
Bateman, Chris - - 2009
Lazarus, John - - 2009
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