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Firooznia, Fardad - - 2009
Lennox, John - - 2009
Jayant, Lalitha - - 2009
Blackwell, Will - - 2009
Moore, John - - 2009
- - 2009
Eschiti, Valerie - - 2009
Dunn, Dorothy - - 2009
The purpose of this paper is to explore the concept of compassion energy between the nurse and patient for its relevance to the concept of compassion fatigue. It is proposed that melding the conceptually congruent tenets of the Science of Unitary Human Beings (SUHB) and Nursing as Caring (NAC) provide ...
Kim, Tae - - 2009
Since the introduction of Barrett's Theory of Power as Knowing Participation in Change and its instrument in 1983, many nurse scholars have used the theory and the instrument. The first critical review of 15 years of power literature was published in 1998. This article presents a review of this literature ...
Malinski, Violet - - 2009
This article presents an overview of the history of both Rogerian nursing science and the Society of Rogerian Scholars (SRS), the organization founded by, among others, Martha E. Rogers. Current developments in the science of unitary human beings are highlighted.
Hardin, Sonya - - 2009
Holler, Rebecca - - 2009
Prey are able to show adaptive antipredator responses in the presence of silk from the wolf spider Hogna helluo (Walckenaer 1837). Hogna helluo also is attracted to chemical cues associated with previously consumed prey. Consequently H. helluo may benefit by modifying its silk deposition when encountering prey cues to avoid ...
Panzera, Alejandra - - 2009
The ability of Grammostola. mollicoma (Ausserer 1875) spiderlings (Araneae, Theraphosidae) to emerge from the cocoon without the assistance of their mother was tested experimentally. We created two experimental groups with 23 cocoons in each group. In one of the groups we cut the cocoon wall creating an opening; in the ...
Smith, Helen - - 2009
In orb web spiders that recycle webs and thus minimize the material costs of web relocation, the characteristics of their temporal movement patterns between web sites can be used to examine otherwise hidden costs. Previous studies have shown that one such cost is the extra risk from predation. An unusually ...
Schaider, Miriam - - 2009
The morphology of the scent glands of Trogulus tricarinatus (Linnaeus 1767) (Trogulidae), a small, soil-dwelling opilionid species, was investigated by means of serial histological semi thin-sections. The glands constitute paired prosomal glandular sacs that open to the body surface via one pore (ozopore) on either side of the body, dorsally ...
Morse, Douglass - - 2009
Life history theory predicts that the intensity of selection will decline as individuals age; thus, adaptive traits should decrease during post-reproductive stages. To test this prediction, I measured several potential fitness variables in adult female crab spiders [Misumena vatia (Clerck 1757): Thomisidae]: maximum mass before laying, mass after laying, mass ...
Ingram, A.L. - - 2009
Segestria florentina (Rossi 1790) (Segestriidae) displays iridescent green coloration on the paturons of the chelicerae. This was confirmed by reflectance measurements, which gave a spectral peak at 505 nm. Scanning electron microscopy did not identify cuticular surface scales or sculpturing, suggesting that the cause of the iridescence was subsurface. Transmission ...
Sharma, Prashant - - 2009
A new species of Cyphophthalmi (Opiliones) belonging to the Sri Lankan endemic genus Pettalus is described and illustrated. Represented in a recent phylogeny of the family Pettalidae, this species was designated Pettalus cf. brevicauda, but subsequent examination of its morphology and of the type material of P. brevicauda indicates that ...
Navidpour, Shahrokh - - 2009
The scorpion Apistobuthus susanae Lourenco 1998 is redescribed based on new specimens collected from Khoozestan Province, Iran. It is distinct from A. pterygocercus Finnegan 1932 found in the dunes of Rub' al-Khali. The two species cannot be separated by previously used diagnostic characters. Instead, A. susanae is differentiated from A. ...
Santos, Adalberto - - 2009
Surazomus uarini n. sp. is described and illustrated based on specimens collected by beating on understory vegetation of Amazonian "terra firme" upland rain forests. A new cuticular structure, possibly a gland opening, is described on the female tarsus I and terminal flagellum. A putatively homologous structure is reported from the ...
Bosselaers, Jan - - 2009
The genus Trachelas from the Iberian Peninsula is revised. A new species, Trachelas ibericus from Spain, is described from both sexes, and the female of T. validus Simon 1884, an Iberian endemic, is described for the first time. Data are presented for the occurrence of T. canariensis Wunderlich 1987 and ...
Levold, Anja - - 2009
Retreats of orb weaving spiders (Araneidae) were collected during the winter of 2004/2005 in northwestern Germany in order to determine the importance of these animal-made structures as hibernation sites for terrestrial arthropods. Retreats were clipped out of the vegetation, stored, and searched in the laboratory for their inhabitants. Overall, there ...
Pekar, Stano - - 2009
In this study, we investigated whether two plesiomorphic zodariid species, Lachesana insensibilis Jocque 1991 and Pax islamita (Simon 1873), both from Israel, possess adaptations for myrmecophagy similar to those of apomorphic zodariid genera. Our analysis focused on the predatory behavior and potential prey of these two spider species. We deduced ...
Dias, Sidclay - - 2009
A velvet worm (Peripatus sp., Peripatidae) was observed and photographed while feeding on a theraphosid spider, Hapalopus butantan (Perez-Miles, 1998). The present note is the first report of an onychophoran feeding on "giant" spider.
Penney, David - - 2009
We provide a brief report on the feeding behavior of two salticid species in Bijilo Forest, The Gambia: Holcolaetis vellerea Simon 1909 and Menemerus bivittatus (Dufour 1831). The former was observed consuming a giant huntsman spider ?Heteropoda sp. (Sparassidae), which was much larger than itself and represents the first published ...
Santer, Roger - - 2009
Whip spiders (Arachnida, Amblypygi) are little-studied arachnids with enlarged spiny pedipalps and elongated "antenniform" forelegs. These antenniform legs contain at least seven giant sensory neurons with no known behavioral function. Here we use high-speed cinematography to describe the prey capture behavior of the whip spider Phrynus marginemaculatus C.L. Koch 1840, ...
Martin, Oliver - - 2009
Maternally inherited bacterial endosymbionts such as Wolbachia can potentially have a major impact on the reproduction of their arthropod hosts. Most previous studies have focused on the effects on insects, but recent evidence demonstrates that the endosymbionts Wolbachia, Rickettsia, and Spiroplasma are also common in spiders. Such infections potentially explain ...
Edwards, G.B. - - 2009
Fourteen specimens of the jumping spider Gambaquezonia itimana Barrion & Litsinger 1995 were collected in the vicinity of Mt. Makiling and Los Banos, Luzon Island, Philippines. The species was described only from the holotype female. Males are described for the first time, and additional females are documented.
Santos, Adalberto - - 2009
We address the current taxonomic status of two problematic Eastern Asian species of Oecobius Lucas 1846 and propose nomenclatural changes in view of the information currently available. Oecobius formosensis (Kishida 1943) is considered unrecognizable and proposed as a nomen dubium. Two synanthropic species, Oecobius navus Lucas 1859 and Oecobius concinnus ...
Machkour-M'Rabet, Salima - - 2009
Although all species of the Brachypelma genus are protected under CITES, few studies have been performed on the genetic structure of the populations of these endangered tarantulas. Here we propose, for the first time in spiders, to use ISSR (Inter Simple Sequence Repeat) technique to study the genetic variability of ...
Siliwal, Manju - - 2009
The genus Conothele of the trapdoor family Ctenizidae is reported for the first time from India with the description of two new species Conothele varvarti from Similipal Tiger Reserve in Orissa, eastern India and C. vali from Tawang district in Arunachal Pradesh, northeastern India. The genus was previously considered arboreal ...
Rodrigues, Denise Bertulucci - - 2009
* Context.--Endemic pemphigus foliaceus, or fogo selvagem, is a chronic autoimmune disease characterized by the formation of intraepidermal blisters that reduce adhesion between keratinocytes. Endemic pemphigus foliaceus is associated with the presence of autoantibodies and high levels of cytokines involved in the inflammatory response.
Kirby, James - - 2009
* Context.--The optimal use of dedicated fungal and mycobacterial blood culture bottles, such as the BACTEC Myco/F Lytic bottle, has not been well defined in clinical practice.
Ruha, Anne-Michelle - - 2009
Context.--Public awareness of methylmercury in fish has caused patients to seek testing for mercury poisoning. In some patients, the diagnosis of mercury poisoning has been made based on urine mercury excretions following oral dosing of meso-dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA), a metal chelator. However, studies comparing urine mercury excretion following DMSA in ...
Gregurek, Steven - - 2009
Context.--Lymph node status is an important prognostic factor in colorectal cancer staging.
Oluwasola, Olayiwola - - 2009
Context.--Despite the crucial role that autopsy plays in the development of the science and practice of medicine, autopsy rates have been declining throughout the world in recent decades.
Tientadakul, Panutsaya - - 2009
Context.--In Thailand until 2005 there had been no external quality assessment scheme at the national level for blood coagulation tests. Only a few laboratories had an external quality assessment for these tests. In the year 2005, the Thailand National External Quality Assessment Scheme for Blood Coagulation was founded.
Henson, Donald - - 2009
Context.--Carcinomas co-occur in the pancreas, extrahepatic bile ducts, and ampulla of Vater. We investigated whether cancers originating in these sites represent a field effect similar to that observed in the lung and upper aerodigestive tract.
Guo, Charles - - 2009
Context.--Micropapillary urothelial carcinoma (MPUC) is a rare variant of urothelial carcinoma. Most studies of MPUC have focused on the urinary bladder, but MPUC of the upper urinary tract remains to be investigated.
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